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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Are You Sober Now

Penny opened her red lips slightly, her eyes turning bright under the effect of the drug.

Some images that Orlando tried to forget flashed across his mind. On the night not long ago, she was looking at him with such charming eyes.

Somehow, he felt warmth in his heart.

Penny took the chance and held him tighter.

When Ryder saw that Orlando didn't push Penny away, he was bewildered.

In the afternoon, Orlando said Penny was not his wife. What was going on now?

Ryder looked at Penny, swallowing hard. "Perry, I'm Ryder. Come over."

He knew the drug was taking effect, and Penny should have lost her sense. She wouldn't resist if anyone wanted to take her away.

Ryder stretched out his hand. When he saw the cold look on Orlando's face, he withdrew his hand awkwardly.

Orlando was not a fool. Penny barged into his changing room in the afternoon to avoid Ryder. How could she be his girlfriend?

"Mr. Cain, you know well if she's your girlfriend or not..."

Orlando trailed off, looking down at the woman that was kissing his neck.

Penny's eyes were innocent, but her behavior was bold.

She had unbuttoned Orlando's collar and rubbed him frantically like a horny cat, kissing his neck with her red lips passionately.

Penny felt hot and wanted to do something to cool down. She felt her body was burning, and the man before her eyes was a chunk of ice.

She was desperate for coldness, but her movements didn't satisfy her. She wanted to have more.

When Ryder saw what she did, he felt his abdomen tightened. Penny's indifference coupled with her eager expression tempted him like a poisonous flower.

Ryder wondered if Orlando fancied Penny.

Didn't they say he didn't like women?

Orlando pressed his lips tightly with a grave face. If this continued, he might embarrass himself here.

He grabbed Penny's groping hands and held her arms and waist with his cold, strong arms, stopping her from moving.

Following that, Orlando took Penny into the elevator without explaining it to Ryder.


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