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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 18

Chapter 18 I'm Married

Penny pushed the hair on her forehead behind her ears, looked at him with bright eyes, proactively reached out her hand, and clearly said with a smile, "Mr. Fletcher, please let me re-introduce myself. I'm Perry, and I'm an interior designer. What you are holding is my design."

When she made self-introduction to her customers, she called herself Perry.

Orlando froze when he heard the word interior designer, thinking he was hallucinating.

Seeing him not intend to shake hands, Penny naturally withdrew her hand and said, "I've tried to talk to you about this project a few times, but you didn't seem interested. Since you still have my design, I guess you changed your mind, right?"

She naturally continued, "If so, I will have a chance to make it up to you."

Orlando had lived for more than twenty years but had never faced such a situation before.

She was an interior designer?

He lowered his head and glanced at the things in his hands. There was indeed the designer's signature and a string of numbers on the photos.

It was Perry.

Recalling the conversation between them since they had met, he frowned harder and knew he had misunderstood from the beginning.

His face was gloomy when he turned around and sat on the sofa with the photos in his hand.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Then, Zane said, "Mr. Fletcher, the ladies' clothes have arrived."

Penny instantly realized he had prepared the clothes for her.

When Zane was about to knock again, a drenched woman wrapped in a towel opened the door.

A look of shock flashed across his eyes. Since the meeting had suddenly ended, many people had inquired about who the woman in Mr. Fletcher's room was because they wanted to avoid offending her in the future.

Zane had no clue either. After listening to them gossip, he had known the woman had called Mr. Fletcher by his first name.

After freezing for a moment, he hurriedly handed the bag over and involuntarily glanced inside. Orlando was leisurely sitting on the sofa, but his suit was a little messy. He seemed to have just had sex.

When Zane quickly looked away, Penny said, "Thank you."


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