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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Compensation

The room became so quiet that they could hear the clock ticking on the wall.

Orlando had suspected he was hallucinating for the second time. Was it because she had mistaken him for her husband that she had acted so intimately with him?

The light of the crystal chandelier covered her side face with a layer of glow when she continued, "I've forgotten what happened that night. I believe you forgot it too. I'm sorry for mistaking you for my husband just now."

They were grown-ups. Moreover, it was Helen's trick that night. So, she should not blame him or ask him to take responsibility. Work was her priority now, so there was no need to care about her virginity.

"Mr. Fletcher, if you are interested in my design, you can tell me about your needs."

She naturally changed the subject to the project as if that night was not worth mentioning.

Orlando kept silent. He had accidentally caught a glimpse of the red marks under her translucent clothes in the bathroom. So, he knew how fierce he had been that night. The marks must have looked more shocking back then. But after she had returned home with them, her husband had not asked for a divorce. He didn't care about her. Or maybe there was something wrong with their relationship.

Orlando leaned back on the sofa and regained his cold and calm expression after only a few seconds.

"It's me who should say sorry. If what happened that night affected your relationship with your husband..."

Before he could finish speaking, Penny interrupted, "No."

She seriously looked at him and continued, "Our relationship remains as usual."

They had always been strangers. Nothing had changed.

Orlando had been calm and had no interest in her marriage. But when he heard her words, his eyes flashed with sarcasm.

How could their relationship remain as usual? No matter how much a man loved a woman, he would never tolerate being cuckolded. Man would not allow another man to appear in his territory.

Orlando remembered Penny had said she could earn at least one million dollars if she complete this project. Why was a married woman working so hard? What was her husband doing? He turned out to be a kept man.

Orlando stood up and said, "Ms. Perry, I will hire you to design for my house."

He looked at her rosy lips and continued, "Because I want to compensate you for that night."

Her lips were beautiful and had a slight curve in the middle. When she pursed her lips, the small bead would be revealed.

Penny's eyes flashed with surprise because she had not expected to win the project.


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