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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Business Is Everywhere

Penny was drinking lemonade, and almost choked when she heard this.

Of course, she knew about it. And she was that woman!

She casually grabbed a tissue and wiped the corner of her mouth.

"Yeah, I know. So what?"

Her tone was nonchalant as if she couldn't care less about Orlando's marriage.

Orlando raised an eyebrow, surprised by her indifferent attitude.

Erin clenched her fist, but it felt like hitting a pillow.

So what?

Wasn't she dropping enough hints?

This woman was either shamelessly thick-skinned or felt secure in Orlando's affection.

Erin felt irritated, but she couldn't let herself appear too impatient or she'd lose the upper hand.

She turned to Orlando, putting on her previous gentle demeanor.

"Orlando, it's been three years since you last came back. You probably don't know that the restaurant has a new chef now. He used to study abroad in Wingpool. One of his dishes might suit your taste."

She grabbed the menu, acting as if she owned the place.

Orlando's face remained calm, showing no extra emotion in his gaze. He neither rejected nor responded to her words.

Some people appeared cold but were sharp. Dealing with such people was quite challenging.

Was it part of her duties to ward off romantic interests for her clients? Penny thought.

With this in mind, Penny chuckled slightly, "Bell's best dish is not on the menu, and today I invited Mr. Fletcher for a meal. If you also want to treat Mr. Fletcher, you'll have to find another time, Miss.

Her tone was far from polite, and even Erin, with her thick skin, couldn't keep it up.

As she got up, she shot a deep look at Penny, who was still smiling.

Their eyes met, and no conversation was needed. It was as if they had already engaged in a silent battle.

Erin tightly gripped her purse, almost crushing the crocodile skin.


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