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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Mistress

Hearing this, Zane standing behind Orlando thought the latter had forgotten about the meetings and intended to mind him. But seeing Penny's face, he swallowed back the words on the tip of his tongue because she was the woman last night! He wondered what her relationship with Mr. Fletcher was.

When the elevator doors opened, Penny made a "please" gesture.

After turning to look at Zane and asking him to go to the company, Orlando walked in without ceremony.

The hotel's breakfast area was in the lobby downstairs, and there were many people in it now.

After Penny and Orlando chose a seat by the window, the waiter immediately brought each of them a glass of lemonade.

After she took a sip of lemonade, the sour taste stimulated her taste buds, relieving her dizziness. It was right to go to the hospital after breakfast. Otherwise, she might faint on the way due to hypoglycemia.

Putting down the glass, she said, "Mr. Fletcher, what books do you like? Mr. Levine told me took art courses in college."

The style a customer wanted was closely related to his or her daily preferences. So, such simple communication could help her decide the keynote of the design.

She did not think Orlando liked the American style. It was too complicated and colorful. But the traditional style might be too rigid and boring for him. People who liked art might prefer avant-garde designs.

She wanted to learn more about his preferences through the meal, but he replied, "You will have free rein."

Such clients were the most difficult to deal with. In college, she was most afraid of teachers asking her to write essays without giving her a topic. If there were too many options, she would feel increasingly torn.

The essays in college had been much simpler because the courses had given her a limitation. But now, he gave her free rein!

When she was thinking about the style, a woman said in surprise, "Orlando?"

Looking over, Penny saw a young woman in a Chanel suit walking over. Wearing exquisite makeup, she stared at Orlando.

Erin said with joy, "I've stayed in the hotel for several days in a row. But I did not expect to meet you here."

When she turned to look at Penny, a trace of vigilance flashed across her eyes.


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