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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Penny Is Awkward

Lydia hadn't expected to hear that.

She was a bit surprised that Penny even knew that Orlando was married.

After all, few people in the upper class knew this, and those who did even disdained Orlando's nominal wife.

They all thought that as just a common family, the Stuart family was not qualified for this business marriage with the Fletcher family.

"Do you mean the woman who hasn't even shown her face?"

Lydia scoffed, "You probably don't know that she hasn't even attended the New Year's meal of the Fletcher family these years, and no one in the Fletcher family has admitted her identity. Therefore, she's Mrs. Fletcher only in name."

In fact, even many people had doubted whether Penny was too ugly to show her face.

Lydia's words were true. Penny was indeed transparent in the Fletcher family, and Rex was the only one who cared for her.

Hearing that, Penny was not angry but just said, "No matter whether Mrs. Fletcher has attended the New Year's meal or not, her marriage to Orlando is a fact. As long as the marriage certificate is there, other women who try to attract Orlando's attention should be morally condemned, shouldn't they?"

Lydia realized that she was no match for Penny in the argument.

She knew that if they continued this topic, Angie would become a homewrecker who coveted someone else's husband.

Lydia blushed with anger and sneered, "Aren't you the same? You're indeed beautiful, but don't think that Orlando will be interested in you just because of that. He has loved my cousin for ten years."

"I don't think Mr. Fletcher is such an affectionate man."

As soon as Penny had finished speaking, a man's indifferent and cold voice came from the door.

"Then what kind of man should he be?"

Penny was a bit awkward, and she thought in confusion, "Didn't he go to the meeting?"

Orlando stood there calmly. As Lydia had not closed the door when she entered, he had heard the whole conversation between the two.

When Penny realized it, her expression was a little unnatural.

Lydia's face, however, lit up with joy, and she went over to Orlando with a snort.

"Orlando, aren't you going to have a meeting?"

Orlando gave her a faint glance, and his voice was as cold as snow.

He said casually, "Ms. Perry is right. After all, I am married. And, we're boss and employee, so you'd better call me Mr. Fletcher in the future to avoid any misunderstanding."

Lydia hung her head reluctantly and muttered, "I see."

After a deep glance at Penny, Orlando took the watch on a shelf beside him, put it on, and turned to leave.

Penny stood in place and thought in regret, "Why did I argue with someone like Lydia? Looks like I have offended my client."

With a sigh, she picked up the bag that had been left in place and went to the innermost side to change her clothes. After that, she took the key and went straight to Royal Green.

After wandering around Royal Green and examining the general surroundings, she drove away.


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