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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Nancy Is Satisfied with Penny

Penny stood at the door of the restaurant, feeling a dilemma.

Colin was right behind her and said softly, "The woman sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling window over there is my mother. She is not easy to fool, and if I can walk out alive today, you will be my savior."

The corners of Penny's lips twitched, and she unconsciously bent her head to hide her face, but Nancy had already looked over.

Upon noticing her gaze, Colin stiffened.

"Sorry to offend you."

With that, he took Penny by the waist and led her towards Nancy.

Nancy's gaze was sharp, and she glanced up and down at the two of them.

In a gentlemanly manner, Colin drew out a chair for Penny, and his eyes were smiling.

"Mom, this is my girlfriend, and she is an interior designer. Just call her Penny."

Penny's mind was blank, and after sitting down, her rationality slowly returned.

"Judging from Nancy's expression, she probably doesn't know me," she thought.

Penny breathed a sigh of relief and then said to herself in her heart, "Fortunately, I'm about to divorce Orlando and will soon have nothing to do with the Fletcher family. But now, in order to repay Mr. Levine's favor, I have to pretend to be his girlfriend."

Therefore, she greeted, "Nice to meet you, Ms. Fletcher."

Penny's facial features were very exquisite and strong. Coupled with her fair skin and unique demeanor, she was clearly different from those pretentious and pettish girls that Colin used to like.

Nancy withdrew her gaze and was very satisfied with Penny.

"I thought you would casually find a woman to fool me. Colin, you've really grown up."

Colin did plan to casually find a woman to meet Nancy, and he even went to one of his ex-girlfriends for help. Unexpectedly, while buying her a gift, he made a mistake and was slapped on the spot.

Fortunately, the slap was not very heavy, and the fingerprints on his face were not visible for the time being.

"Mom, Perry is very outstanding. You should know Royal Green, the new house Orlando bought, right? She's the interior designer of it. Therefore, don't worry, I really haven't been dating those dubious women anymore."

Nancy knew that anyone who was chosen by Orlando was very capable.

The more she looked at Penny, the more satisfied she became. "Here's a gift for our first meeting."

Nancy took a bracelet from her wrist and handed it to Penny.

Penny didn't dare to accept it at all. "Ms. Fletcher, thanks for your kindness, but I can't take it. I didn't bring any gifts with me today."

Nancy glanced at Colin a little angrily and said, "Colin did not even buy you a gift, did he?"


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