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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Two Cups of Warm Milk

Zane inquired, "Should we give Hills Villa a call?"

Orlando nodded with a hint of indifference.

His voice tinged with annoyance at the thought of the upcoming meeting with Penny.

Orlando had always prided himself on his punctuality, yet Penny had unexpectedly broken her promise not once, but twice.

Such unrefined behavior was truly unbearable!

Then Zane swiftly dialed the number for Hills Villa.

Upon receiving the unexpected call, Anika was taken aback.

Mr. Fletcher was coming tonight?!

After hanging up, she hurriedly had people hide Niko and thoroughly disinfect every corner of the room, leaving no trace of dog hair behind.

The servants, skilled and accustomed to daily disinfection routines, swiftly and successfully completed the task in less than half an hour.

Anika let out a sigh of relief.

She tended to call and inform Penny but the sudden sound of a car engine outside caught her attention.

It was an unfamiliar black Maybach.

Mr. Fletcher had arrived!

Anika hurriedly set her phone aside and rushed to greet him. "Mr. Fletcher."

Although Orlando disliked everything related to Hills Villa, he understood that it was not appropriate to direct his anger toward unrelated individuals.

So he simply nodded in acknowledgment of her words.

Anika became even more respectful in her tone and demeanor. "Mrs. Moran has already arranged for your belongings to be sent over, and she has instructed the chef regarding your preferences."

"If there's anything that does not meet your satisfaction, please tell me. I am the caretaker left behind by Rex to take care of Ms. Stuart," she added.

But Orlando's gaze fell upon her indifferently.

Anika understood and then promptly guided him to the master bedroom.

"Mr. Fletcher, this is your room," she said, "And at the end of the corridor is Ms. Stuart's room."

Orlando's gaze fixated on the end of the corridor, noting the substantial distance between the two rooms.

Satisfied with the arrangement, he pushed open the door and entered his master room.

As Anika stood at the doorway, patiently waiting for the door to close, she couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by his imposing presence.

This was the first time he had come to Hills Villa in three years, and she wonder how he and Ms. Stuart would be able to get along peacefully.

Uninformed by Anika and consumed by the weight of her father's affairs, Penny went straight to her own bedroom., seeking solace and respite.


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