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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Rex's Wishes

Orlando chose not to pay much attention to his wife's absence but returned to the nearby table, where he resumed reading his work emails online.

The next morning, Orlando was already downstairs bright and early.

He found Anika serving a delightful Western-style breakfast.

But he failed to find his wife.

Sensing his inquiry, Anika quickly clarified, "Ms. Stuart was a bit tired yesterday, so she asked me not to wake her up this morning."

It occurred to Orlando that she must return from the hospital.

But wasn't Cason pretending to be sick?

Thinking about here, Orlando was annoyed.

So as soon as he finished his breakfast, he straightly went towards the waiting car parked outside.

On the first night at Hills Villa, Orlando failed to encounter his wife, whom he hadn't seen in three years.

He wondered about her true intention.

Was she deliberately testing his patience, or perhaps trying to ignite his curiosity?

If it was the latter, he was determined not to be swayed.

Upon arriving at the Fletcher Group, Orlando informed Zane, "Buy something and visit Cason at noon."

Zane nodded in understanding.

At the same time, at Hills Villa, Anika knocked on Penny's door.

And Penny had already finished preparing herself and was awaiting Anika's arrival.

"He's gone?" she inquired.

"Yes, Ms. Stuart. He just left," Anika confirmed.

Penny then descended the stairs.

Anika couldn't help but feel sympathy towards Ms. Stuart and asked, "Should I inform Rex about Mrs. Moran's interference in your marriage?"

But Penny replied, "No need. I never treat you as an outsider, Anika. To be honest, I don't like Orlando."

"I chose to marry him solely for financial reasons. It is reasonable for Mrs. Moran to dislike me. Once Rex became better, I will divorce Orlando," she explained.

Anika had no idea but nodded in response.

After breakfast, Penny decided to visit Rex with her well-prepared gift.

As for Rex, he was currently staying alone at Fletcher's mansion, receiving care from numerous servants and doctors.

Perhaps due to being back home, Rex looked great.


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