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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Her Identity Would Be Found Out

A smirk appeared on Rex's face as he patted her hand. "So, you're willing to give Orlando a child?"

Penny nodded, and the sincere smile touched her eyes. "Yes."

Rex was beaming with ecstasy.

"That's good. Don't worry. I'll definitely love the baby whether it's a boy or a girl."

Penny didn't dare say too much about that, lest Rex have very high expectations. If what Rex expected didn't happen, he would be disappointed, and it was possible his health would deteriorate.

So, Penny brought up other topics in due time and kept the conversation going for an hour before she left the Fletcher's mansion.

Out of the Fletcher's mansion, Penny was about to get into her car when she met Zoey.

Wearing big sunglasses, Zoey was a little surprised to run into Penny here.

"Perry, what are you doing here?"

Zoey only saw Penny getting into her car without noticing her come out of the Fletcher's mansion earlier, so Penny made an excuse.

"I haven't painted in a while, so I came over to find inspiration."

Zoey responded with a smile and didn't doubt her story. Then, she started gossiping in a talkative mood.

"By the way, do you know Ruby was released by the police station? I heard Billy made a trip up there. This is an absolute disgrace. Billy has a bit of a temper. Skirt around him if you run into him. You can also call Orlando, and I'll get him to help you. Never come into conflict with Billy. "

Even Zoey said so. It seemed that Billy was a tough nut.

"Okay, thanks for the warning."

Zoey got out of the car and pointed to the Fletcher's mansion not far away.

"I'm going in to see my grandpa. I gotta go. See you next time."

Penny nodded and waited for her to go away before breathing a little sigh of relief.

She had a feeling that she could not hide her identity for much longer.

Once Rex came back, he would definitely invite her to the Fletcher's mansion for dinner. It was inevitable that she would meet with the rest of the Fletcher family at that time.

Penny was just about to get into the car when Zoey came back to her.

"Hey, Perry, the day after tomorrow is my birthday party. It will be held here at the Fletcher's mansion, and it will be very lively. Grandpa said he'll make it huge to get rid of bad luck. A lot of people will be here. Are you coming?"

Penny's heart lurched as she had a sinking feeling. As expected, her cell phone rang.

She tapped the answer button and heard Rex's voice at the other end of the line.

"Penny, I just forgot to tell you something. Zoey's birthday party will be held the day after tomorrow. You must come."


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