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Perfect Mysterious Husband novel Chapter 639

She was testing him, but when Maddox admitted it so quickly, Minerva's breathing stopped. However, her heart suddenly began to palpitate.

"Another?" She pouted and asked.

"Who is it?"

"You don't know her," Maddox thought for a moment. Since he brought it up, he might as well be honest with her.

"I don’t know her either."

Minerva said, "You don't know? Then how did you..." She realized that she was having trouble breathing. As Beanie grew older, he looked more and more like Maddox. She had her suspicions but did not dare to admit it.

She always felt that this thought and what happened that night was preposterous.

Moreover, it had been too long, so she barely remembered what happened on that rainy night. Everything happened so quickly. She had been in a state of confusion, and after it was over, she just ran away in a panic.

Now that he personally admitted it, Minerva felt her heart beating so hard that it was about to jump out from her body. Her guesses were one thing, but hearing him admit it was another.

Minerva bit her lower lip.

"I was drugged that night," Maddox held her tightly. "But after her, you were the only other woman I've been with and the only one I'll ever be with."

"Wait." She interrupted him. "You said that you were drugged that night? Does that mean that you couldn't control yourself and made an advance on that girl? That no matter who it was, you would have done the same?"

Maddox fell silent. How was he supposed to answer this question? He didn't know if his ears were playing tricks on him, but he felt that Minerva was asking a trick question.

If he said yes, then Minerva would think he was promiscuous and slept with any woman. However, if he said no, then she would ask him whether he had feelings for that woman.

No matter which one it was, he could not answer.

"Why aren't you speaking?" She asked curiously when she saw he remained silent the entire time.

What she was thinking was exactly what Maddox thought of earlier.

Women were such strange creatures. She did not know if other women were like this, but that was how she was.

Just as Maddox was in a dilemma, trying not to offend her, an announcement was made over the sound system, indicating that they were about to board the flight.

At that moment, he felt as if he was liberated. He wrapped his arms around her waist and stood up.

"We should go."

She looked around and saw everyone standing up and getting ready to leave. She did not say anything else and could only follow Maddox out.

He bought business class tickets, so there weren't that many people around. After taking her seat, Minerva saw how empty the cabin was. She remembered that he did not answer her question earlier, so she said softly, "You haven't answered my question yet."

It was tense, but she felt that he was about to give her his answer soon. She wanted to get more details for affirmation.

However... She was interrupted.

Minerva was secretly unhappy. She would definitely not let this matter go.

Maddox frowned as his head throbbed. He didn't expect her to harp on it. He leaned over and closed his eyes as he said, "We are on the plane. Take a break and I'll tell you more when we arrive at the hotel at night."

Minerva wanted to say that she couldn't, but she saw the dark circles around his eyes when she looked at him. She remembered that he hadn't slept for forty-eight hours. He was supposed to rest after flying back that day.

However, because of what she said, he had to bring her to the airport so he hadn't had time to rest.

He must be exhausted.

The words on the tip of her lips vanished. Minerva did not say anything else. Instead, she allowed him to rest on her shoulder.

He must be drained after not sleeping for two days.


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