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Perfect Mysterious Husband novel Chapter 640

It was as if...

The idea had never crossed her mind.

Vera knew Quill didn't like her and that it would be tough to pursue him.

But she already knew it from the very start? She had mentally prepared herself. No matter how difficult it was, she was determined to get him.

It took a lot of effort to go after such a cold-hearted man like Quill.

Even Juliette, who had been by his side for so long as a secretary, could not make him waver, let alone her...


Vera's eyes lit up and she suddenly turned to look at Beanie.

"Beanie, do you support me?"

"Huh?" He looked at Vera, puzzled. He didn't understand how she regained her confidence after looking so dejected a second before.

"I think... I still have a chance! I won't work for your mother anymore. Should I go to Hanover Corporation to apply to be the President's


Beanie's eyes suddenly became gloomy and resentful.

"Auntie Vera, if you don't help Mommy, she'll have even more to do, won't she?"

"Stinky brat, all you care about is your mommy. Without me, she can still hire someone else. All she needs is a little money to find another employee like me, but your uncle is different. If I miss my chance, there won't be another Quill for me to pursue."

After saying so much, Vera felt like there was something wrong with herself. Beanie was only a five-year-old. Why was she talking to him about this? He wouldn't understand!

Thinking of this, she suddenly reached out and patted his forehead.

"Forget it. I won't talk about this anymore. Anyway, you're just a kid and you won't understand these things. When your mommy comes back, I'll suggest it to her. We won't have to worry about anything else once I get your uncle. Then I'll go back to your mommy's company to help."

Vera looked happy as she thought about the future.

Looking at her, Beanie shook his head helplessly. He pretended to be very serious and said, "Auntie Vera, I don't mean to burst your bubble, but you've still got a long way to go."

"A long way to go?" Vera suddenly turned to look at him. "Where and when did you learn this?"

"My teacher taught me." Beanie said without missing a beat

"Your teacher?" Puzzled, Vera narrowed her eyes and bit her lower lip, "That's weird. Aren't you in kindergarten? Why would your teacher teach these things?"

"My teacher taught us during class. He said we are still young, and there are still a lot of things we need to learn in the future, so he taught a poem to us."

Vera thought about it for a while and it made sense, so she nodded and did not say anything.

She didn't care about this topic anymore.

Seeing this, Beanie finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he was smart and managed to evade her questioning.

When they arrived at the door, Vera punched in the passcode and asked, "I won't have any problems quitting my job, but if your uncle doesn't hire me, what should I do?"

What could she do?

It was pretty obvious. His uncle seemed to have no interest in women and Auntie Vera already made things so clear. If she went to the company to apply to be his secretary, he would not even want to meet her.

Let alone hire her.

Thinking of this, Beanie suddenly looked up and looked at the back of her head with sympathy in his eyes.

She was so pitiful.

He compared her to his mommy. His mommy had men pursuing her, but Auntie Vera not only had no one chasing her, but she was also the one pursuing the man. What's more, her Mr. right was a tough man to get.


Thinking of this, Beanie couldn't help but sigh heavily.

Vera opened the door. Hearing his sigh, she asked curiously.

"What are you sighing about at such a young age? Come in, let's just have some mac and cheese for dinner, shall we?"


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