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Rebirth of the Phoenix Princess novel Chapter 617

Yun Shang smiled and looked at Liu Yinfeng, "Mister Liu, would you believe me?"

Liu Yinfeng meditated for a moment and then nodded his head.

Yun Shang said to him, "the corpse of Lady Liu is still hidden in a remote woodshed in the Mansion of the Liu clan. Who is the person lying in the coffin, I wonder?"

Yun Shang's voice was loud enough to be heard clearly by the people around Liu Yinfeng. On the other hand, Liu Jin was agitated by her words. "What nonsense are you talking about? I am a courtier. How could you make a false charge against my wife's funeral and interrupt it like this? Guards! Stop them and catch that woman!"

The imperial guards around Lord Hua Guo drew their swords from their waists, and the secret guards around Yun Shang all stood in front of her. Lord Hua Guo sneered coldly and shouted out loud, "search!"

With a frown on his face, Liu Yinfeng stared at Yun Shang for a while and then turned his head silently to look at the white carriage pulling a coffin not far away. Then he kept silent for a long time, but finally he said nothing.

The people in the mourning procession also drew out their weapons from their waists. For a moment, the battle was on the verge of breaking out.

Liu Yinfeng frowned even more deeply after seeing this. He quietly moved to block Yun Shang's way in front of her. Yun Shang kept silent for a while and silently took a step back.

Lord Hua Guo shouted loudly. "The imperial guards are going to search no matter what. No one can stop them! Search!"

The imperial guards took the order and rushed at those people with swords directly. The chaos began all of a sudden. Yun Shang kept her eyes on Liu Yinfeng, who seemed to be in a panic with a deep frown on his face. Yun Shang meditated for a moment and then exclaimed out loud, "the army around the Qian City of the eldest princess has been annihilated by the palace guards, and there is no way for the eldest princess to retreat!"

The sounds were drowned out in the fight. But Yun Shang clearly saw that Liu Jin's hand was slightly trembling when he heard her words.

The Imperial Guard soldiers were divided into many groups, and each of them had been strictly trained. Besides, they had more people. After a while, the funeral crowd began to show signs of being exhausted.

Yun Shang saw that Liu Jin was quietly taking steps back, and seemed to be looking for an opportunity to escape.

Yun Shang narrowed her eyes, turned around and pointed to the direction where Liu Jin was to Qian Zhuo. Qian Zhuo looked at the direction she pointed for a while, then nodded her head, and quietly walked towards Liu Jin from Yun Shang.

When Liu Jin was about to turn around and run away, Qian Zhuo suddenly went up and gave him a big slap, which made him fall to the ground.

The secret guards quickly rushed over to them, pulled Liu Jin up and took him aside. The imperial guards had approached the coffin, and in a moment, the funeral pursuers near the spiritual chariot were all killed. Lord Hua Guo rushed over, jumped on the spiritual carriage, and pried the coffin off. But when he looked at the person in the coffin, he suddenly frowned.


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