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Rebirth of the Phoenix Princess novel Chapter 618

Yun Shang said in a low voice, so Liu Jin only saw her mouth open and close but didn't hear anything. Just when he was guessing what she was talking about, he suddenly saw that the imperial guards lifted the coffin down from the spirit carriage and moved the corpse out of the coffin. Seeing that, Liu Jin's face changed abruptly. He shouted, "Lady Rui, what are you doing?"

Paying no attention to him, Yun Shang ordered the guards to insert the sword from the edge of the coffin carefully.

Blue veins stood out on Liu Jin's forehead, and he said in a hoarse voice, "Lady Rui, why didn't you do good for your child? Why didn't you let my concubine go after she was dead! Just wait and see..."

But before he could finish his words, his mouth was covered by a rag covered by blood by Lord Hua Guo. Yun Shang turned to look at him, with a murderous look flashing in her eyes.

The Imperial Guard carefully took out the board under the coffin, and his face suddenly changed color. "Your Highness, it's Mr. Liu."

On hearing this, Yun Shang hurried to pass the spiritual carriage to the coffin. She saw Liu Wenan lying in the coffin with his eyes closed. Yun Shang put her hand under Liu Wenan's nose in a hurry and felt a little relieved when she found that he was still breathing. Thinking of this, she said to the imperial guards hastily, "spiritual carriage! Open the board on the spiritual carriage. Be careful!" Lord Hua Guo hurried toward Yun Shang, and looked at the coffin, his face filled with excitement. He immediately inserted the sword into the scabbard and grabbed a board beside the spiritual carriage. With a snap, the board was torn apart.

Hua Guo and Yun Shang hurriedly crouched down. They indistinctly saw through the dim light that the inside was indeed hollowed out, but it was too dark to see clearly what was inside.

The imperial guards also unfolded the wooden board one after another. When they were able to see what was going on inside, Yun Shang was shocked, but could not speak.

"Somebody! Somebody help! His majesty and Prince Rui are here! " Lord Hua Guo shouted, as if he couldn't wait for the imperial guards to attack. He squatted down, put his hand in, and carried a person out.

It was Xia Huanyu.

Yun Shang paused and looked at Luo Qingyan, who was still lying in the spiritual carriage. She gritted her teeth and finally squatted down and reached out her hand to feel the pulse for Xia Huanyu.

At that moment, Lord Hua Guo had taken Luo Qingyan out and put him next to Xia Huanyu. he looked at Yun Shang uneasily and asked, "how is the emperor?"

Yun Shang kept silent for a long time before she answered, "no big deal. He was stuffed with soothing soup. It's just that he was taken back to the palace to recuperate for a few days."

Yun Shang let go of Xia Huanyu's hand as soon as she finished speaking and raised Luo Qingyan's hand. Her hand trembled slightly. After a long while, she finally found her right position and was unable to calm herself down to check his pulse. Seeing that Yun Shang had been holding Luo Qingyan's hand and didn't say anything for a long time, Lord Hua Guo's face darkened, but he didn't dare to ask. After a while, he stamped his foot and said, "what's wrong with Qingyan? Tell me!"

Yun Shang felt weak and her throat was dry. After a while, she looked up at Qian Zhuo who was standing by her side, "Qian Zhuo, take Prince Rui's pulse. I can't calm myself down."

Qian Zhuo was surprised and ran to them. She took Luo Qingyan's hand from Yun Shang and said after a long time of silence, "his highness is nothing serious. He was just fed with the soothing soup. But his highness is in good health. He will be fine after a few days of rest."

Then she put down Luo Qingyan's hand and held Yun Shang up. Yun Shang found her hands full of sweat.


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