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Roar of the Supreme Warrior novel Chapter 693

In the Black Dragon Palace in the Southern Plains…

James was severely lacking in sleep. The moment he reached the Black Dragon Palace, he immediately made a beeline toward his bed and fell fast asleep.

He slept throughout the day.


His stomach rumbled.

James got up and rubbed his tummy.

He looked outside. The sky was already dark.

Then, he grabbed his phone and looked at the time. It was eight in the evening.

He noticed there were quite a few missed calls and messages.

They were all from Quincy.

He frowned and murmured, “What’s this woman up to?”

He ignored the messages.

He simply got dressed and left.

Many ordinary citizens and reporters gathered outside the Black Dragon Palace.

Some were holding bouquets, while others held banners up high.

Many fully-armed soldiers guarded the entrance of the Black Dragon Palace. With their backs straightened, they were there to keep the crowd in check.

James’ biggest worry was people causing a fuss about him.

After getting a glimpse of the crowd, he immediately turned back.

“Black Dragon…”

“Dragon General, don’t leave!”

Upon seeing James, the crowd bubbled with excitement.

“Over here, James!”

A woman in a red dress was waving at James.

She wanted to barge into the palace but was stopped by the guards.

“James, it’s me, Quincy! Over here…” Quincy waved while shouting.

However, her shouting was drowned out by the cacophony of noises from the crowd.

“I love you, Dragon General.”


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