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Roar of the Supreme Warrior novel Chapter 694

Soon, James had finished eating. He wiped his lips. “Alright now, you’re free to go. Call the assassins here.”


Levi quickly cleared up the dishes. After that, he left.

Soon, May and the others were here.

Looking at the assassins before him, James said, “We can drop the formalities, guys. Have a seat.”

Hearing this, they took their seats.

When they faced James back in Cansington, they did not feel that intimidated by him.

Now, facing him as the Black Dragon in his Black Dragon robe, they could feel an inexplicable pressure. It was suffocating.

James looked at them. “You were instrumental to the assassination of the enemy generals. I’ve written an application to the higher-ups requesting that you be given a position. Once they agree to it, you’ll be deputy commanders of the Black Dragon army— the elite of the elite.”

This was a high-ranking position.

This was proof that James recognized their abilities.

The assassins were over the moon at the news.

“Thank you, James.”

“Thank you very much.”

James waved them away. “Don’t call me that. From now on, you’re my subordinates. Address me as the Dragon General.”


Their voices rang in unison.

James looked at them.

They were highly-trained assassins with great physical attributes.

After brief contemplation, he said, “You’ll officially be the Elite Eight, the elite secret agents of the Black Dragon army that only answers to me.”

“That’s great.”

Their faces lit up.

The Elite Eight. What a majestic title!

James smiled.

“Little Sis, there will be no Little Sis from today onwards.”

Upon hearing James mention her, she instantly stood up.


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