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Roar of the Supreme Warrior novel Chapter 695

After giving them brief instructions, James dismissed them.

The Black Dragon Palace once again fell into silence.

James headed to the rooftop on the third floor. Leaning against a chair, he smoked his cigarette while gazing at the starry sky.

He thought of the people in Cansington.

Although he was in the Southern Plains, his heart was in Cansington.

He wondered if he would ever have the opportunity to return to Cansington.

At that moment, he wanted to drink.

However, Henry was not around.

He headed downstairs and went to the wine cellar. He grabbed a few bottles of wines given to him by merchants in the past and returned to the rooftop.

He drank by himself in the quiet of the night.

At that moment, a person came to mind.

He pulled his phone out and called Quincy.

Quincy has been outside the Black Dragon Palace for a whole day. Despite that, James gave her no attention whatsoever.

As a result, she returned to her hotel room.

She was just done showering.

In her pajamas, she was looking at her laptop on the bed arranging the stuff she had written over the past few days.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

Noticing it was James, her heart leaped. She swiftly answered the call, “Goodness James, you’ve finally called back.”

“I’m a busy man, Quincy. By the way, why are you here in the Southern Plains.”

“My country needs me,” Quincy said grinning like a child. She was overjoyed that James had finally returned her call.

“If you’re free, would you like to have a drink with me? I’m bored out of my mind.”

“Sure thing, I’d love to.”

“Where are you at the moment? I’ll send someone to pick you up.”

“No need for that. I’m just staying in a hotel nearby. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”


James hung up the phone.


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