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Scrambling to Be the Father of His Ex-Wife's Kid novel Chapter 316

The baby in the womb was no longer moving. I lost all my energy in a flash. I stared blankly at the dark sky.

My baby wanted to live. My baby was trying so hard to get out of my belly, but I was useless. I was completely useless. I could not even protect my baby. What was the point of living, then?

The baby had the chance to see this world, but it was all my fault. If only I had not stayed with Theo and if only I had not chosen to trust him when he said he would protect the baby. If I had decisively chosen to leave him, the baby would be alive!

I was wrong. I had made a big mistake.

"Young lady, hang in there. Young lady, stay awake."

The cries of the woman sounded more and more distant as I closed my eyes.

When I gained back my consciousness, I only saw white. I abruptly sat up.

I lowered my head, then saw that my hands were covered in blood. My belly was flat, and I shouted in a panic, "My baby! Where's my baby?"

Then, I heard the sound of a baby crying. I looked over in surprise.

A porcelain-like baby was lying beside me, smiling happily at me. My eyes reddened, and I bent down to carry the baby. "Baby, you're alive. Thank goodness!"

I continued to say, "Don't worry. Mommy will protect you this time. I'll keep you safe and make sure you grow up healthily."


Who was calling me?

It did not matter. From today onward, there was only my baby and me. Both of us would live happily together.

However, that annoying voice did not leave me alone. I t was ringing in my ears again and again.

My head hurt, so I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes again, I realized my baby had disappeared. I panicked and got out of bed. "Baby, baby, where did you go?"


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