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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 125

"We still have time before 4:00 pm," Julian said, "While we're at it, let's discuss other terms in the contract first."

"Sure," Luke said as he nodded.

While they were leaving, Charlotte turned her head around and shot an icy glare at Susan.

'This woman indeed is really good at putting on an act. She said she sprained her ankle? Hah! She's just trying to get Julian and Luke's attention, can’t anybody see that?’

No matter how vexed Charlotte was, Susan did get both of the men's attention. However, she was not discouraged. After all, she was confident that the effect of Susan's petty trick would soon wear off, and b y the time Julian had enough of her, he would kick her away and she would be the one left standing by his side.

With that thought in mind, Charlotte turned her head back and took a deep breath.

She told herself that her main mission here was not to quarrel with Susan but to show her capability and drew Julian's attention toward her.

The negotiation went on. Both negotiating teams had t o meticulously go through each and every term before moving onto the next.

Charlotte was no less capable than others. She was in charge of market expansion when she was abroad. She went full throttle on the table and appeared smart and professional. Gone was the silly woman who kept chasing behind Julian.

Looking at his sister who was shining brightly right now, Luke nodded.

After she snapped herself out from her absurd obsession with Julian, she finally regained her true self.

Initially, he was worried that Charlotte would act recklessly, but it seemed that his concern was totally uncalled for.

Charlotte was satisfied with her own performance as well. She was certain that she must appear confident and beautiful now as she could see the eyes of the person in front of her were glazed over with infatuation.

She then threw a triumphant look at Julian. However, t o her dismay, Julian was not looking at her at all and his face was bereft of any emotions.

After he flipped through the documents in his hand, h e then said nonchalantly, "I don't agree with Miss Jenkins' proposal."

He then slowly pointed out a few contradictory elements in the proposal that he did not agree with. All the reasons he gave were very solid and Charlotte found no way to counter it. 1

'This man!' Charlotte bit her lower lip. 'Why does he have to be so mean? Can't he be more lenient towards me?'

Be that as it may, her fixation with Julian still outweighed her dissatisfaction with him. She could not help herself and fell for Julian's suaveness. This was the Julian that she loved.

The negotiation came to a halt.

Julian stood alone by the window, keeping his head low. He seemed to be texting someone.

Charlotte took a deep breath before wiping up a confident grin. Then, she walked over and smiled at Julian, "Julian."

Julian raised one eyebrow and said, "Miss Jenkins. I think it’s still better if you call me Mr. Shaw."

Charlotte's grin froze and her jaw set tight, but she refused to give up. She forced the smile back on her face and said, "You're still so funny, Julian."

Julian narrowed his eyes when he saw Charlotte refused to accept the situation.

"Just now in the meeting, you said..." Charlotte smiled. She attempted to get Julian's attention by talking about the project.

"It's break time now, so I'd rather not talk business. Let’s leave it after we return to the table," Julian interrupted before she could finish her sentence.

Then, he lowered his head and continued to send the


Charlotte's face turned sour. She began to wonder if Julian really did not find her attractive at all?

She gritted her teeth and took a peek at his phone. Then she almost exploded.

Julian was not talking to anything, but he was searching memes from the internet and sending them to Susan despite the fact that the latter ignored him.

He continued to send a volley of jokes at Susan, and she finally replied, "Stop it, Julian! I'm working right now!”


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