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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 126

"Huh? Me?” Susan Shelby could not help but be stunned.

Generally, the head would act on the department's behalf in this kind of situation.

She was still considered a newbie in Lanyard Construction.

The department head smiled and said, "You set down the groundwork of the design and you made the biggest contribution to this project so you should be the one explaining it naturally."

"Go, quick." Chance Hamilton gave her a gentle push.

Susan could not decline anymore so she was preparing to stand up when Julian Shaw took a glance at her ankle and said nonchalantly, "Susan hurt her ankle, so let her sit and explain from her seat. Alfred, bring up the design blueprint."

The assistant took on the task and brought up the design blueprint on the huge display screen.

The people shifted their gaze to Susan in unison.

Susan pursed her lips as she was a little unaccustomed to this. Then, she said, "Our concept is not quite similar to the Jenkins Corporation. The resort project is targeted at high-end rich and powerful people. However, even the rich and the powerful live very comfortable lives in their homes. N o matter how prestigious our design is, it can’t possibly give them a pleasant change of atmosphere. Thus, we are adopting the classic oriental design. The overall feeling involves the use of pavilions, traditional chambers, and curved paths. In the details, our crucial slogan is, 'Looks simple and unsophisticated but hidden elegance in reality.’ For example, the beds will be crafted from the top grade sandalwood but we will use the newest configuration for its design. For example, we will be adding temperature control for the beds... We believe that the combination of classic and modernistic themes will give the residents a pleasant change of atmosphere, also..."

Susan still felt rather anxious at the start.

However, Susan became more and more at ease as she continued presenting what she was most skilled in and her narration grew smoother and smoother as well.

It felt as if her body was glistening at this very moment.

The corners of Julian's lips curved into a soft smile without his notice.

Luke Jenkins was entranced by the charismatic Susan.

In his memories, Susan was still that recent-graduate designer.

It had only been slightly more than a year and she had already grown to this extent?

He could not understand design but he understood the rich and powerful.

Compared to the Jenkins Corporation's design, Susan’s design was far superior based on her creativity and details.

"That's all for my presentation, thank you," said Susan with a soft blush on her cheeks. 1

Julian looked at Luke with a spurious smile at once." The designs from both sides have already been presented. Are we going to do what we’ve agreed on originally, which is to choose ten wealthy people at random and send them the design sketches for them t o decide the victor and loser?”

Luke pursed his lips. "No need for that. You've won this time.”

Julian smirked instantly. "Thank you.”

Luke felt an ineffable bitterness in his heart.

He had been cultivating so many employees painstakingly and prepared in advance for such a long time and yet he still ended up being completely defeated today.

If the person who produced the design was not Susan but someone else, he would not have mixed feelings anymore.

Yet... It was Susan.

Rationally, Susan was only doing her job.

Sentimentally, Luke still found it hard to accept the reality that Susan helped Julian defeat him.

'Susie, have you really moved on already?’

Even though he was obviously aware that they could never be together anymore, his heart was still throbbing in pain for some reason!

The design incident came to a conclusion temporarily.

Julian sent off the people from the Jenkins Corporation.

The situation in the office boiled over as soon as they left.

"Oh oh oh, we won at last. I was so anxious throughout the entire day today until I couldn't even stomach my lunch."

"It's too early for you to relax because we will be facing an even bigger issue to perfect the details after our design has been chosen!"

"I don't care. I'm good as long as we defeat the Jenkins Corporation anyhow."

The group of people chatted noisily.

Susan could not help feeling relieved as well and cracked into a faint smile.

"Luke, why did you acknowledge your defeat so easily? Their design is pretty good, but if we let the wealthy people choose according to our original plan, we may not necessarily lose too!" Charlotte Jenkins debated.

She would not be so recalcitrant if she were to lose to Lanyard Corporation, but now she had lost to Susan.

How could she make peace with that?

Luke shot a glance at her. "If we follow the original plan, we will only embarrass ourselves! Alright, let’s not bother ourselves with this matter anymore. We will still need to discuss the contents of the agreement and carry out negotiations for the next few days. The most important task right now is for us to stay focused and prepare for the negotiation after this."

"Alright," Charlotte answered unwillingly.

She felt rather displeased about losing to Susan. However, she still could not refrain herself from smiling at the thought of meeting Julian again tomorrow.

An icy cold glint penetrated Luke's narrowed eyes.

'Julian, I've lost to you this time because you had Susie's help. However, the negotiation is not over yet. I will show you that I’m never weaker than you.’

The people from the Jenkins Corporation came to Lanyard Construction for three consecutive days.

Both sides engaged in heated negotiation for the full three days until they finally signed the agreement on the afternoon of the third day.

Both sides felt relieved immensely upon finally completing the agreement at last after three consecutive days of being in a highly stressful environment.

"Chairman Shaw, it's a pleasure to work with you." Luke reached out his hand.

"Same." Julian shook his hand calmly.


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