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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 127

In the clamorous laughter, the female staff member's face turned green in rage.

Her mouth twitched as she forced a shy smile on her face. "Chairman... Chairman Shaw... I sprained my ankle!"

As she was speaking, she assumed the coquettishly shy expression that she rehearsed countless times to look at Julian Shaw shyly!

'Hmph, idiots, laugh away to your heart's content!”

'I'd like to see how you cry when Mr. Shaw picks me u p later!"

The female staff member thought it through well. She knew that her beauty was no less inferior than Susan Shelby's and she was even better at feigning pity than Susan. If Chairman Shaw could hold Susan, there was no reason for him not to hold her.

Moreover, she would not be as foolish as Susan for not exploiting the opportunity. She would certainly seize this opportunity to make Mr. Shaw fall head over heels for her.

By then, she would be Mrs. Shaw!

The female staff member was having a good time thinking about it when she found Julian looking at her. He frowned and said, "So?"

The woman was trying to seduce him!


The female staff member was stunned for a moment.

An exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful woman like her was lying in front of him with a sprained ankle!

How could Mr. Shaw not react at all?

The female staff member could not keep the smile on her lips anymore.

She made the decision to speak out even more clearly.

"Mr. Shaw, my leg is injured." The female staff member said coquettishly, "There are so many people i n the other vehicles. I'm afraid it might be crowded and that they might squeeze my wound. Can I sit in your car, Mr. Shaw?"

It was already a full-on statement!

The female staff member went all out in this as well. Since she had already committed the act, she wanted t o achieve her final goal of course.

Otherwise, she would truly end up as a joke.

"Your leg is injured, so you want to sit in my car?" Julian's eyes glowed brighter and brighter.

"Yes," answered the female staff member. She could not help cracking into a smile.

'Mr. Shaw is smiling! This is happening!'

“Here. Since you've been so severely injured, you should not go on the field trip. Stay at the company," said Julian smilingly.

The female staff member's smile froze at once.

This... This was not how the story was supposed to play out.

She still wanted to speak when Julian had already passed through her side and made his way to Susan's vehicle.

"That actually reminds me. Susan, your leg was injured a few days ago, right? It's inconvenient for you to sit in a tight space with your colleagues. Come and join me in my car," Julian calmly said.

He felt rather proud of himself deep inside.

He was simply a genius for coming up with this excuse!

The female staff member was speechless.

'Damn it!'

'Sir, my situation now is obviously more severe than hers! Susan's leg injury must have healed for some time already, right?’

'There’s no need for him to favor one more than another.'

Julian's action drew in everyone’s attention once again, and they were fixated on Susan.

Susan's entire person tensed up instantaneously.

'F*ck. Can Julian stop behaving in such an obvious manner?'

'He did it once, twice, and thrice!'

How was she going to defuse the awkward situation!

Susan's lips twitched awkwardly before she said, "Mr. Shaw...really cares about his staff."

The group of people looked toward the female staff member on the ground.

He cared about his staff?

The staff member that needed the most care was still sitting on the floor.

Susan felt like roaring in rage on the inside upon sensing the attention from other people!

The b*st*rd Julian agreed on keeping the marriage hidden. Yet, his recent actions were obviously showing the world that they had a special relationship.


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