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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 130

It was pitch black in the cave such that one could not see anything without using a torchlight.

Susan Shelby turned the torchlight in her hand and saw that there were cave openings other than the walls.

The scene took Susan’s breath away. It was literally a large area made up of tunnels.

It was also fortunate that the people from the Jenkins Corporation had already discovered a safe path. Otherwise, it was beyond difficult for a person to find a n exit by depending on his own if the person entered the wrong tunnel.

"Follow me closely everyone, or you'll get lost." The leader advised, "In case you are left behind accidentally, check the wall on the right. I will be scattering bioluminescent power on the wall along the way as we walk. Everyone can catch up to the group b y tracing the bioluminescent powder."

Everyone nodded with excited expressions.

If there were only two or three people in a cave expedition like this, it was speculated to be quite terrifying. However, there was such a large group of people now and someone had mastered the correct path.

It was more like a fun trip without any danger.

The leader led the people to venture deeper into the path.

Water droplets dripped and splattered from the slippery rock wall. They would encounter a tiny water puzzle occasionally which aroused the people’s playfulness.

About ten minutes later, the leader said, "The large area of the mural can be found ahead. Everyone can g o ahead and take a look."


Susan's eyes lit up at once.

This was her biggest goal of joining this trip.

Susan hastily circled around the area together with the rest of the people.

The mural was just as described by Alya Rogers and Chance Hamilton earlier. It was a display of the unique art of the aboriginals in the village. Susan's eyes glistened radiantly from examining the mural. A s she stood in her spot and experienced the most primitive beauty, she felt immensely inspired.

"Susie, I've already taken photos with the SLR camera and I'll send them to you later." Alya showed the camera in her hand.

"Alright," answered Susan. Yet, she was still staring at the mural without blinking.

"Susie, let’s go. We can still look at it slowly when we’re out," Chance called out.

"I want to look at it for a little while more. I will catch u p to you guys immediately," said Susan without even turning her head to look at them. 1

"Then we shall head to the front first." Chance and Alya followed the group to walk outside first.

Susan had only nodded before she became thoroughly engrossed in observing the mural with the torchlight i n her hand.

Susan was left behind at the back of the group without her notice. She watched as the group was about to leave her sight so she darted one last look at the mural in a rush before she turned around and chased after them.

All of a sudden, someone covered her nose and mouth from the back.

Susan widened her eyes, then she struggled for a moment before she lost consciousness completely.

"Oh, we’re out so soon. I haven't had my fill yet."

"Me too, me too."

The short expedition made everyone reluctant to part with it.

The leader smiled and explained, "It's a cave after all. The oxygen inside the cave is very limited. There are over twenty of us so we can only stay for thirty minutes at most before we have to leave. If we stay any longer, our breathing would be affected. If we stay for a few hours, we will lose consciousness from oxygen deprivation."

The people did not whine anymore upon hearing the explanation.

"Alright, let’s head back, everyone. Get some rest and prepare for dinner."

"Susie, let’s go," called out Alya.

No one replied to her.

"Susie?" Alya called out again and turned her head to check everywhere. A look of fear suddenly flashed past her eyes. "Chance, have you seen Susie?"


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