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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 131

Queeny's response was too unusual that the others turned to look at her.

Chance frowned. He could not help but doubt her," Queeny, did you do anything to Susie?”

"What could I do to her?” Queeny forced herself to stay calm.

"Then why are you so nervous about it?" Chance stared at her.

"I..." Queeny stammered. Then, she replied, "I’m just worried about Susie!”

"You’re worried about Susie. Who would believe you?" Chance could not help but ask her.

All of them turned to look at Queeny.

Previously, a lot of people witnessed the quarrel between Queeny and Susan.

In fact, no one would believe Queeny if she claimed that she was worried about Susan.

Did Queeny indeed do something to Susan?

Queeny appeared rather nervous as she realized that the others were looking at her suspiciously.

She could not help but say loudly, "Why are you looking at me like that? I did nothing!”

"You know very well whether you're guilty or not." Chance said angrily. He went toward her and grabbed her arm. "You better tell the truth. What did you do to Susan?"

"I...I did nothing." Queeny was reluctant to admit to it.

"How come you still refuse to admit it? Queeny, tell us where Susie is immediately. It's a human life," Chance said.

"I really have no idea about it!" Queeny was slightly desperate.

When Queeny was being interrogated by the others, one of the leaders had reported the event to the superiors.

It was indeed a human life. He dared not treat it as a trivial matter.

At that particular moment, both Julian and Luke were sitting there, discussing their works.

On the other hand, Charlotte was sitting beside them. She remained quiet as she was busy looking at Julian passionately.

"Chairman Jenkins, Chairman Shaw." Suddenly, somebody knocked on the door.

"Come in," Luke said.

That man entered and said anxiously, "Chairman Jenkins, Chairman Shaw, there's been an accident. W e teamed up and went for an expedition to the cave just now, but somebody lagged behind accidentally. Now, we can’t locate where she is! We must get more people to go and search for her. If not, she might be in great danger."

"Was she lost in the cave? In one of those caves?" Luke was shocked.


Luke realized immediately how serious the issue was. He said immediately, “Go and gather everybody this instant and look for her! But it snowed just now, and the mountain paths are covered in snow. People from the outside can’t possibly make it here anytime soon. S o we can only rely on the strength of the hundred people here! Quick, go and gather everyone now."

"Alright." He turned to go and gather the others.

Suddenly, Luke asked him, ’’What’s the name of the person who's lost?"

"Her name seems to be Susan!"

“Susan!" At first, both Luke and Julian were calm. Now, their facial expressions changed drastically.

That man was shocked by their reactions. He asked weakly, "What’s... wrong?"

Julian walked toward him with a darkened facial expression. "Where's the cave?"

He appeared so frightening that the man could not bring himself to say anything in fright.

"Tell me!" Julian became much colder and ferocious.


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