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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 136

"Let's go," Luke said with a complicated expression.

Susan hid her face with her hands. She did not want t o face this cruel world.

Julian smiled, then carried Susan in bridal style.

"Ah!" Susan screamed. She gave up and hid her face in his chest.

Uggghhhh. Even though she knew that she would no longer be able to escape interrogations from Ayla and others, she just wanted to delay it as much as possible.

Charlotte looked at Julian and Susan, then bit her lower lip in anger.

Susan did not die! How was she so lucky?

Just when Charlotte was cursing Susan silently, Julian turned around and looked at her.

"Ms. Jenkins, and the employee from the Jenkins corporation who led us here. Why don’t the two of you come with us?" 1

He hinted at something else.

Charlotte's spine tightened.

What was Julian implying?

No matter how clueless Charlotte was, she could not take it in a good way.

However, wasn't Susan still alive now?

Would Julian still blame her? 1

The employee panicked even more. He walked to Charlotte and said, "Ms. Jenkins, it was you who instructed me to..."

"Shut up," Charlotte's face turned grim and she cut him off.

"The two of you, follow us," Luke glanced at Charlotte and said coldly.

Charlotte knew that she could not escape it, Julian and Luke were already generous enough to not expose what she did in front of everyone.

Charlotte gritted her teeth and followed hesitantly.

What employee? Charlotte? Susan was confused.

However, she did not need to know what was going o n. She just needed to trust Julian.

Susan leaned on Julian’s chest and smiled.

Julian carried Susan to the room where Queeny was locked.

Luke instructed someone to open the door.

Once they walked into the room, Queeny spoke earnestly, "Do you believe me now? I really didn't mean to take Susan’s life."

Queeny turned around and saw Susan in Julian's arms.

She froze, then she was exhilarated.

"Thank God, thank God you are still alive Susie!"

Susan motioned to Julian to put her down and looked at Queeny in shock.

Their relationship was not good enough for Queeny to be this happy that she was alive.

Before she could react, Queeny ran towards her to hug her.

Julian blocked Queeny with a grim expression.


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