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The Pampering CEO: Don't Mess With My Secretly-Married Sweet Wife novel Chapter 135

Charlotte plopped down on the floor.

Everyone looked at her strangely.

Judging by her reaction, Charlotte probably had feelings for Julian.

In the past, they would have thought that Mr. Shaw and Charlotte may end up together since they came from compatible backgrounds.

However, now...

To Mr. Shaw, it seemed like Charlotte could not even b e compared to Susan's finger.

Charlotte noticed everyone’s gaze on her, and she could almost hear them laughing at her in their minds.

She struggled to get back up and stood angrily next to Luke in humiliation.

"Luke, Julian..."

"Shut up," Luke gave her a cold look.

Charlotte felt as though she was soaked by ice-cold water - she could not help but shiver.

Luke had never looked at her like that before!

"Luke!" Charlotte was in disbelief.

"If I were you, I wouldn’t be jealous right now," Luke was expressionless. "Charlotte Jenkins, I really want t o kill you now, but you are my sister, so I won’t. But, Julian... You should pray that Susan will be fine, if not, do you think he will let you off safely?” 1

Luke's voice was very soft so that no one else could hear him.

However, just because his voice was nearly inaudible, i t added a sense of eeriness.

Charlotte could not help but shiver.

She murmured quietly, "No, no way. Julian wouldn't d o anything bad to me. Just now, he released me at the final moment too, right?"

"Yeah, he released me, he released me."

Charlotte kept repeating words to herself.

Luke glanced at her coldly.

If Charlotte wanted to lie to herself, he would not stop her.

Susan had not woken up yet, so he wasn't in the mood to bother about Charlotte.

Besides, if he continued talking to Charlotte, he was afraid that he would not be able to control himself and he'd strangle her to death.

After pushing Charlotte away, Julian performed first aid on Susan robotically.

It had been more than an hour.

And his speed remained the same!

While they admired his stamina, the crowd began to doubt.

Will Julian be okay?

What if he fainted before Susan woke up?

However, with the example set by Charlotte, no one dared to stop him.

If not, they would face the same consequence as Charlotte.

"It's been more than an hour, Susie..."

Ayla bit her lower lips in worry. 1

Chance's body had long been tense due to his worries.

Among the crowd, some people could not contain their jealousy. How did Susan, a married woman, deserve such deep love from Julian?

Unfortunately, regardless of their attitude, everyone watched on closely.

Julian was still performing first-aid measures at a robotic speed.

He did not think about what would happen if Susan did not wake up.

In fact, he did not have the time to think.

He only knew that he could not stop, and that he had t o save Susie.

He would never stop unless he died.

No one knew how long it had been, but Julian was still performing first aid tirelessly. 1

Suddenly, he froze.

A sense of euphoria crossed his face.

He could feel that Susan's breathing was growing stronger.

Susie was about to wake up...?

Julian did not dare to hesitate. Instead, he sped up his actions.

Just when he leaned close to her face to perform CPR, Susan's eyes opened.

Their eyes met.

Susan blanked out and then her face turned a deep shade of red. Julian!


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