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Because You Are My Lady novel (Sharon and Stanley) novel Chapter 638

"What did you see in Kobi's ward?"

As Jimmy took a look at Ricco, he asked directly.

However, Ricco looked at Ariah and hesitated.

Then, Jimmy raised his head and tapped his slender fingers on the table. "Go ahead."

What Jimmy meant was that Ricco could say it in front of Ariah, and he didn't have to worry about it, so Ricco said straightforwardly, "I went to Kobi's ward and saw something shocking."

Curiously, Ariah continued to ask, "What is it?"

Immediately, Ricco showed two of his fingers and answered, "I saw two Kobi."

Two Kobi!

Shocked, Ariah stared at Ricco.

Meanwhile, Ricco turned to look at Jimmy. "The two of them looked the same, so one of them must be fake. As soon as I went in, the uninjured Kobi ran away. I immediately went after him, but there were too many people in the hospital. In the end, I still lost him."

When Jimmy heard that, he nodded and narrowed his eyes in silence.

Sure enough, Jimmy's speculation was right, and the Kobi, who was lying on the hospital bed, was likely to be fake, while the real Kobi was out there hiding somewhere in a corner.

If the real Kobi knew that the fake Kobi was not dead, he would definitely find a chance to kill the fake Kobi to avoid any flaws in his plan. It turned out that it was the right thing for Jimmy to let Ricco keep an eye on them in the hospital.

However, the current fake Kobi had also disappeared. This was somewhat beyond Jimmy's expectations.

At that moment, Jimmy was pondering over the matter as he tried to think of a plan to deal with the situation.

Suddenly, Ricco muttered, "What on earth do Kobi and Kevin want? What do they want to achieve? Also, for that fake Kobi, I made a mistake. At that time, I was only focusing on catching the real Kobi, and I forgot the fake Kobi was also very important."

If Ricco had remained in the ward and didn't chase after the real Kobi at that moment, things might have turned out different.

Just as Ricco was thinking about it, Ariah slapped the table loudly.

Immediately, Ariah withdrew her hand in pain and glared at the two of them, "What do you mean? Why are there two Kobi? And you're saying that the Kobi lying in the hospital bed is actually fake? You guys are lying, right?!"

"Why would we lie to you? Would it benefit us to do so?"

In a daze, Ariah was at a loss for words. "In other words, the person that I had visited for the past two days was not Kobi, but someone else?"

Moreover, Ariah couldn't even tell that the Kobi lying in the hospital bed was actually fake!

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Angrily, Ariah grumbled at Ricco, "If I were to know about it, I would've paid more attention to him and not let him run away just like that!"

The fake Kobi was the most important witness. Now that the witness was gone, things would only be more troublesome in the future!

However, Ricco spread his hands and said, "It was Jimmy who didn't allow me to say that."


Immediately, Ariah turned to glare at him.

Then, Jimmy rubbed the space between his eyebrows and uttered, "Well, you know it now, right? Don't be mad. I didn't tell you because I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to act all worried, and that might end up causing suspicion."

Pissed at Jimmy, Ariah remained silent.

Although what Jimmy said made sense, Ariah couldn't understand why she was still so angry at him.

"So, what is your plan for now?"

As Ricco looked at Jimmy, he directly asked for Jimmy's opinion about the matter, "Now that both fake and real Kobi are missing, the situation is not very favorable for you."

However, Jimmy smirked and said, "Not necessarily."


"Kobi's disappearance is an opportunity for me to prove that I'm not guilty. If Kobi is capable, then he would hide for the rest of his life and never show up again. However, I don't think he will hide forever. If he wishes to return to the Hudson Family, he will definitely appear."

After Ricco heard Jimmy's opinion, he nodded. "How could we force him to show up then?"

At that moment, Jimmy adjusted his clothes and said faintly, "I have to get out of here first."


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