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Because You Are My Lady novel (Sharon and Stanley) novel Chapter 639

The last name of Howard's mother was Chapman. When Alfred Chapman received the call from his grandson, he smiled and asked, "Howard, why are you so free to call me today?"

"Grandpa, I have something to ask you."

Then, Howard told Alfred about Jimmy's request to him. After Alfred heard it, he immediately frowned. "You want me to bail him out?"


"What did he do?"

However, Howard shook his head and answered, "I didn't ask."

Softly, Alfred uttered, "... Dear Howard, I think it's time for you to be more careful."

"Grandpa, he is my close friend, and I believe in him, so I didn't ask him anything. If you also believe in me, then I hope you can help me for once." In all sincerity and seriousness, Howard promised, "I grew up together with Jimmy, and I know his character well. He is definitely not a bad person, and there must be a reason why he was arrested."

Then, Alfred sighed. "I didn't know that you are a person who values relationships and loyalty. Okay, I'll call to ask what's going on. Which substation is he at?"

After Howard told Alfred the name of the police station, Alfred told Howard to give him a minute, then hung up.

As Howard put his phone in his pocket, he said, "It's done."

"What did your grandfather say?"

"He said he wanted to know more about the situation first, then he would call me back."

When Jimmy heard that, he nodded and waited patiently.

After a while, Howard's phone rang again. Immediately, Howard picked it up, but before he could speak, Alfred on the other side of the phone spoke first, "Howard, Jimmy's case is a little serious. Are you sure you want to help him?"

However, Howard didn't expect to hear the word "serious" from Alfred. For a moment, he was stunned, and he asked subconsciously, "How serious is it?"

Then, Alfred told Howard what he knew.

When Howard heard that, his eyes widened, but he didn't want to overreact, so he said, "Anyhow, I believe in Jimmy's conduct, and if you trust me, then help me this time."

Bitterly, Alfred smiled and said, "Yes, sure. I'll help."

"I'll visit you another day, okay? It's getting late. Grandpa, remember to sleep early."

After that, Howard hung up the phone.

Thirty minutes later, Jimmy was bailed from the police station. Not only Ricco, but also Ariah stared at Howard with wide eyes.

Apparently, Howard really did have a strong background!

As the four of them got in the car, Ricco drove, and Jimmy immediately ordered, "Go to the hospital."

With a nod, Ricco turned the steering wheel and headed toward the hospital.

Meanwhile, Jimmy wasn't idle as he took out his phone and made a few more calls. Finally, he called Ben. After Jimmy gave Ben some orders, Jimmy turned his head and saw that Ariah was still glaring at Howard in the backseat.

Then, Jimmy smiled, and hovered closer to Ariah, and said in a low voice, "Do you know the last name of the Chief Director of the Public Security Bureau?"

Immediately, Ariah shook her head.

"His last name is Chapman."

However, Ariah didn't understand Jimmy said, and she blinked her eyes in confusion.

In a low voice, Jimmy continued, "Howard's mother also had the same last name."

As a quick- witted woman, when Ariah heard Jimmy's words, she suddenly understood what he meant. Only then did she realize the truth behind Howard's identity.

At that moment, Howard was in deep thoughts, thinking about what Alfred had told him on the phone. There were a few times where he glanced at Jimmy from the rearview mirror.

"If there's anything you want to ask, just go ahead and ask." In fact, Jimmy knew that he was curious.

"Did you really almost killed Kobi?" Straightforwardly, Howard blurted out without holding it back.

Then, Jimmy shot him a glance. "What if I told you it was true?"

After a moment of silence, Howard uttered, "Then let's head back to the police station now. It's not too late. We haven't driven very far from it."

Angrily, Ariah pinched him.

"Tsk." Immediately, Howard exclaimed. "Let go of me. I was kidding. Faster, let go of me. Jimmy, could you please keep an eye on Ariah? She's such a bully!"


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