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Because You Are My Lady novel (Sharon and Stanley) novel Chapter 643

Since Jimmy had just showered, his body exuded a hint of freshness and coolness. Ariah thought of Howard, who was outside the living room, and her body stiffened. "Don't mess around. Howard is in the living room."

For a second, Jimmy stopped and asked, "Huh?"

At that moment, Ariah's face was as red as a tomato. "This house's sound insulation is poor, and he can hear anything that we do. I'm sure that by now, Howard must be still awake, so if you act recklessly, he'll definitely be able to hear you!"

If they were to do anything, it would be awkward for Ariah to meet Howard the next morning.

Suddenly, Jimmy's hand, which was on Ariah's waist, started to move. Immediately, Ariah wrapped herself tightly in her blanket and hid in the bed. In fact, Ariah was a little angry. "Jimmy, I told you not to mess around, stop..."

"Who said I was going to mess around?"

Then, Jimmy's laughter rang in Ariah's ears. "What nonsense have you been thinking about?"

That response left Ariah speechless.

How could he blame her for being so dirty-


"What do you want to do then?"

Ahem, why did the question sounded so weird?

Suddenly, Jimmy fixed his eyes on Ariah and uttered, "I want you to hypnotize me."

Wait, what?

At that moment, Ariah wondered if she was hallucinating.

However, Jimmy pulled Ariah, who was in a daze, up from the bed and said, "Ariah, I need you to train me."

Stunned, Ariah asked, "What do you mean?"

"I meant what I said. I want you to hypnotize me."

"Uh, mind if I ask why?"

"You want to know the reason?"


With a chuckle, Jimmy answered, "You've once said that those with a strong will and mentality will not be easily hypnotized."

Indeed, Ariah had said something like that before.

"If I were to have both psychological qualities, would it be difficult to hypnotize me?"

It was then that Ariah figured out what Jimmy meant. Softly, she reached out and held Jimmy's hand as she said, "You were easily hypnotized by

Kobi because you weren't prepared, and you had never received any training..."

Everything needed to be trained, and it would only be effective if he had undergone training. For example, after the hypnotist learns hypnosis, the hypnotist would also train himself not to be hypnotized by others.

Immediately, Ariah understood why Kobi wanted her to train him. In fact, he was doing it to prevent from being hypnotized again in the future.

As Ariah licked her lips, she looked into Jimmy's deep and unfathomable eyes and asked him, "Are you sure that you want me to train you?"

Then, Jimmy nodded. "Yes. I'm sure about it."

"Then... shall we try it tomorrow?"

"No, we can start right now."

Taken aback, Ariah was tongue-tied.

The next morning, Ariah was woken up by the commotion from the living room. As soon as she opened her eyes, she heard the sound of the glass shattering, and Howard was screaming, "Jimmy, come out quickly, or I'm going to be killed!"


Shocked, Ariah hurriedly tried to shake Jimmy to wake him up.

In a split second, Jimmy woke up and took out a gun under his pillow as he ordered Ariah, "Stay in the room and don't come out."

With a dark face, he walked out of the bedroom.

In the meantime, Ariah, who was frightened by Jimmy, sat on the bed in a daze.

It was until a stern voice came from the living room, "You b*stard! How dare you still take out a gun? Do you want to kill me too?"


Immediately, Ariah got out of bed and ran out. When she came to the living room to look, she realized that it was indeed Mack.


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