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Because You Are My Lady novel (Sharon and Stanley) novel Chapter 644

Annoyed, Ariah gritted her teeth and endured it.

However, Howard didn't seem to have seen the expression on Ariah's face, which was about to eat him up as he looked at the pot and continued to complain, "Also, this looks plain and tasteless, and it looks like pig's food. Are you sure we humans can eat it?"

"If it's pig food, you better not eat it later!"

At that moment, Ariah couldn't stand it anymore, so she turned around to look at David, "How many years would I be sentenced if I were to murder?"


Immediately, David broke out in laughter. "Ariah, don't worry, I'll eat it. I like to eat simple food like this."

It was only then that Ariah calmed down.

Meanwhile, Howard pursed his lips and let out a long sigh. "Sigh, it's been a few days since I last ate my nanny's dishes, and I really miss it very much."

Suddenly, Ariah turned off the fire and snorted, "Do you miss her or her cooking?"

"Ariah, what do you mean?"

"How could you not understand what did I meant?" Then, Ariah continued to bicker with him. "You're a playboy that falls for each woman that you see. Furthermore, a pretty young lady like her, who spends so much time with you, would you not have any feelings for her?"

When Howard heard that, he was so angry that he was shivering. "What you're saying is an insult to me!"

"Shoo, get out of my way." As Ariah couldn't be bothered to answer Howard, she looked at David, who was standing at the side, and said, "Go out and have a look if Mack and Jimmy had finished talking."

There had been no sound from the living room, and Ariah was very uneasy.

If Mack were to hit or scold Jimmy, it would've made her feel much more at ease. Now that they were so silent, it made her even more nervous.

A moment later, David returned from prying information from the living room and whispered, "They are sitting in the living room, and they are not moving, talking, and neither are they quarreling. I don't know what's going on."

With a frown, Ariah then made up her mind and said, "Forget it. We shall serve them breakfast first."


"You go clean up the table first."

Obediently, David obeyed Ariah's command as he took the cloth and went to the living room.

Since young, Howard had lived a luxurious life. In fact, he had never done any house chores, and he was not the kind of man who would do such things. So, he simply folded his arms and looked at them in boredom.

Annoyed, Ariah pushed Howard to the side. "Mr. Perkins, if you don't know how to do house chores, then don't hinder us from doing ours. Go and sit over there, please."

Immediately, Howard snorted, then turned around proudly and headed toward the living room.

Whereas Ariah shook her head and sighed.

At the dinner table, all of them were silent.

Silently, Mack sat there without saying a word, and neither did Jimmy. At that moment, Jimmy had his head lowered as he ate his noodles, and he seemed completely at ease.

Meanwhile, Ariah stole glances at Jimmy and Mack, but she couldn't seem to notice anything fishy about it at all.

Even David was eating noodles in silence, but

Howard was the only one who looked so picky and didn't want to eat his food, and it made Ariah want to hit him.

As a matter of fact, Howard should be left to starve. If he were to starve for four days, he definitely wouldn't dare to be so picky with his food!

However, Howard's annoying attitude had succeeded in provoking Ariah. Immediately, Ariah kicked Howard as she tried to signal him to restrain himself a little and stop making such sounds of disgust...

"Ariah, why did you kick me?"

But as soon as Ariah kicked, she realized that she had kicked the wrong person. At that moment, Mack, who was deep in thought, looked up at her with a puzzled expression.

Terrified, Ariah was at a loss for words.

It only made Ariah even angrier at Howard. Nonetheless, she explained awkwardly, "I'm sorry, Dad. My leg... suddenly had a cramp, and I didn't control it well."

Then, Mack waved his hand and put down the cutlery that he was holding. "I'm done eating. You guys go ahead and take your time to enjoy. I shall make a move first." "David, send my father off for me," Jimmy said calmly.

Immediately, David took another sip of the soup and said, "Sure, Captain."

After both Mack and David's departure, Ariah asked, "What's wrong with your father? Why did he look like he's in a trance?"

"I had told him everything."


"Yes." In response, Jimmy nodded. "Mack now knows that I was hypnotized by Kobi. I think he probably couldn't take the news for now, but it should be fine, and he'll be fine in a few days."


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