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Sir, Madam Dispeared Again After Divorce! novel Chapter 628

"Hmm." Julien nodded and followed Sydney.

More than forty minutes later, they arrived at Skylight Corporation.

Sydney opened the car door and got out. Then she went to the other side of the car and knocked on the car window.

Julien rolled down the window.

Sydney stood up straight and said, "I'm leaving. You and Zach need to go to Flint Corporation. Drive slowly on the road and pay attention to safety."

"Don't worry, Ms. Raines. I certainly won't let anything happen to Mr. Flint." Zach, who was sitting in the driver's seat, turned around and said.

Julien glanced at Zach coldly. "Did I ask you to talk?"

Sydney said some concerned words to him, but he was interrupted by Zach before he could answer, so he was naturally somewhat angry.

When Zach saw Julien's warning eyes, he realized his mistake, so he shrank his neck, hurriedly turned his head back, and became silent.

'Okay, I shut up. I won't talk.'

Sydney looked at Zach, who was sitting upright, and then looked at Julien, who looked unhappy in the back seat. She couldn't help laughing. "All right, stop talking. You should go quickly. It will be the rush hour in a little while, and it's easy to get stuck in traffic."

Julien nodded slightly. "OK. Zach, drive."

"Yes." Zach responded and was about to start the car.

Suddenly, Sydney thought of something and hurriedly put her hand on Julien's car window to stop him from closing the window.

"Wait a minute."

"What's the matter?" Julien put his hand down from the button and looked at her.

Sydney bit her lower lip and then said. "These two days... Don't turn off your phone."

She had promised his grandma to stay with him on the anniversary of his mother's death, and his grandma said that he would get weird and sad on the anniversary of his mother's death.

The anniversary of his mother's death was approaching, so all she could do was remind him not to turn off his phone so that she could contact him and find him at any time.

"Why?" Julien was a little puzzled by her words.

Sydney lowered her eyelids. "Don't ask why. Anyway, just do it."

She couldn't tell him directly. Otherwise, she wouldn't know how his mood would change on that day.

Julien stared at Sydney for a while and then finally nodded, "Okay."

Sydney breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. "You have promised me, so you must do it."

"My phone is never turned off. It's on all twenty-four hours a day." Julien took out his cell phone and shook it.

Sydney nodded. "That’s good, and keep your phone near you at all times, okay?"

Julien replied, "Hmm."

"All right, there's nothing else to say. I'm leaving. Goodbye!" She waved to him, turned around, and walked to the gate of Skylight Corporation.

Julien stared at her back for a moment until she entered the building, then withdrew his gaze, rolled up the window, and opened his mouth, "Drive."

"Yes." Zach responded and started the car.

On the way, Zach hesitated several times, but finally he couldn't help asking while looking into the rearview mirror, "Mr. Flint, what exactly do you mean by what Ms. Raines just said? Why did she ask you not to turn off your phone and keep your phone near you these two days?"

Julien lowered his eyelids slightly and did not answer.


He guessed it might be the anniversary of his mother's death.

Otherwise, why didn't she say these words earlier and later? He couldn't think of anything else except this reason.

As for how she knew the date of his mother's death, he thought someone had told her specifically, and he knew who that person was.


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