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Sir, Madam Dispeared Again After Divorce! novel Chapter 629

Julien said in satisfaction, "Change the time slightly. I want to see the movie starting at eight o'clock."

He would go to Sydney at six o'clock and take her to dinner. Then, they would see the movie at eight o'clock and come out at ten o'clock after the movie.

At ten o'clock, he would take her back to the Shallow Bay, and it would be almost midnight when they arrived.

Since it was so late, he should be able to stay again, right?

Julien's eyes shimmered as he happily made the plan.

Zach didn't know Julien's plan, so as he heard that Julien wanted to see the movie at another time, Zach didn't see any problem. He nodded and said, "Yes, Mr. Flint."

Julien put the receiver down, picked up his cell phone, and texted Sydney, "I'll come and pick you up at 6 pm. Let's go to dinner together. I heard there's a new French restaurant in the north of the city. The food there tastes pretty good."

Sydney smiled and replied, "Okay."

She had just sent the message when a phone call came in.

As she saw the caller ID, a hint of surprise surfaced on Sydney's face.

This call was from Caybel.

Ever since Layden's body was occupied by Caybel, Layden's second personality, and he left Port City and went to the capital, he had never contacted her, and likewise, she had never contacted him.

It was because she did not know how to get along with Caybel. She does not have the slightest understanding of Layden's second personality. The only thing she knew was that this personality was evil.

And she hated to contact such a person, so all along, she tried not to think about him.

Yet she did not expect that after a month, he would call her.

But should she answer it or not?

Sydney looked at the name flashing on the screen, biting her lip with hesitation.

After all, she didn't know how to get along with this personality, so she didn't know what to say later.

But after a few more moments, Sydney decided to answer the phone.

What if the caller was not the second personality but Layden, the first personality who had already regained control of his body?

With that hope, Sydney took a deep breath, pressed

the green button, and answered the phone, "Cay."

She spoke with a trace of caution and tentativeness.

The caller was silent for two seconds before a strange male voice came over, "Syd, this is Caybel. I prefer this name to Cayden."

In short, he didn't want to inherit the name that the idiot had used for over twenty years.

The name Caybel could perfectly distinguish him from that idiot Cayden.

As she heard that tone, Sydney's face changed slightly, and her heart sank. A sense of disappointment came over her.

Her hope was dashed. Cayden hadn't woken up or grabbed back control of his body.

It was the second personality that called her.

She pursed her red lips and asked in a cold voice, "Mr. Bennet, what do you want?"

Meanwhile, Caybel was standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling window.

As he heard what Sydney called him, his eyes narrowed, and his expression turned unhappy. "You call Cayden so intimately, but why do you call me so distantly?"

Sydney said calmly, "It's just because you are not Cay."

So she couldn't take him as Cayden or treat them in the same way.


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