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Sir, Madam Dispeared Again After Divorce! novel Chapter 630

Thinking about this, Sydney took a deep breath. After bracing herself, she held back her disgust and looked at the computer screen again, carefully observing the person in the photo.

Although the person in the photo was no longer distinguishable, according to the outline, she could still recognize it as a man.

The more she looked at the outline, the more familiar she felt it was. She must have seen him somewhere.

Where was it?

Sydney bit her nail, sunk in thought.

Suddenly, a feminine and beautiful face crossed her mind.

Sydney blanched in shock, and a name came out of her mouth involuntarily, "Burton!"

"Bingo." On the other end of the phone, Caybel heard the name, and the smile on his face became more mischievous. "You're so awesome. You recognized him so soon."

Sydney's heart beat wildly. "It is Burton. You... You ruined his face like this!" "No, no, no!" Caybel swayed his index finger. "I didn’t just ruin his face. I destroyed all his limbs."

He replied in a very soft voice as if to say a common thing, which sent chills all over Sydney's body.

He was so calm after doing this kind of thing, which showed that this person was scary.

Layden's second personality was a devil. He destroyed a person's face and limbs.

The photos she didn't look at were probably Burton's ruined limbs.

As she thought about it, Sydney’s stomach churned once again.

She hurriedly closed the mailbox, leaned over the corner of the table, and retched again.

This time she retched even more violently, and her eyes, whole face, and neck turned red from the pain.

Caybel listened to her retching, knowing that she must be suffering at the moment, but he did not have the slightest pity. Instead, he smiled happily.

He sent these photos to her on purpose.

She should blame herself for treating him like that. Her attitudes toward that stupid Layden and him were so different. He just gave her a small lesson.

"Syd, are you okay?" Caybel looked out the floor-to-ceiling windows at the bustling city and asked with feigned concern.

Sydney gasped quickly. "Devil, you've gone too far!"

Caybel's eyes narrowed menacingly. "Oh? I've gone too far? Why? I've taken revenge for you, and you're saying that about me!"

Caybel thought, 'As expected, she favors Cayden.'

'If it were Cayden who had done that, she wouldn't have said this.'

"Don't you think it's too much?" Sydney bit her lip in anger. "What the hell were you thinking when you hurt him like that?"

"I said I had taken revenge for you." Caybel blinked innocently. "Don't forget what Burton did to you. He pushed you off a cliff."

"Even though he pushed me off the cliff, this was my business. I can take revenge on him myself. I don't need you to interfere." Sydney shouted while clutching the phone. "And even if you wanted to help me, you could turn him over to the police to punish him legally. Why did you torture him in private?"

Sydney wondered, 'Does he know that he broke the law?'

Of course, she didn't care about Caybel, but his body belonged to Cayden, and Caybel broke the law, which meant that Cayden had broken the law too.

After all, in the eyes of the law, the two personalities belonged to the same person.

"Why should I turn him over to the police?" Caybel gave a disdainful smile. "Wouldn't that be too good for

Burton?" "You..." Sydney was enraged by his words, her lips trembling. "You are so stubborn. Scram now! Return the body to Cay."


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