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Sir, Madam Dispeared Again After Divorce! novel Chapter 632

"Let's go! Let's hurry back and get the news written and public it as soon as possible. We'll have the breaking news of the month."

With the influence of Flint Corporation, as the chairman of Flint Corporation, Julien was always the subject of attention from all walks of life.

Any news about Julien would definitely go viral.

The two paparazzi carefully put their cameras away. They hunched their shoulders and quickly ran towards a van pulled by the side of the road. Then they drove away.

Sydney and Julien had no idea they were being photographed by the paparazzi. They got out of the town and came to the suburbs.

Sydney looked out the window and blinked. "Are we going to the cinema in the north of the city?"

Julien replied, "Yes."

"Why do we have to go there?" Sydney turned to Julien, "There are so many cinemas downtown. Why don't we go to one downtown instead of driving all the way here?"

Julien lowered his eyelids, and the glimmer in his eyes was obscured. He answered, "Zach said this cinema was built in the last century. The building is a vintage style. And the movie we're watching today is dated back to the last century, so this cinema is perfect."

Zach, who was driving the car, rolled his eyes at Julien's words.

He never said those words. It was entirely Julien's decision where to go to the movie.

When Zach bought the tickets for them, he wondered why Julien had chosen such a remote cinema, and Julien told him, "Because it's out in the suburb, and it will be too late if we're going home for the night."

However, Julien told Sydney it was Zach's idea to choose the cinema and let Zach take the blame. Well, Zach had no choice but to take the charge.

Zach straightened his tie, put his confusion and complaints away, and replied with a smile, "Yeah, Ms. Raines, it's important to choose the right cinema.

Even if the movie tells a great story, the setting of the cinema is also important. If the cinema setting is right for the movie, it's more likely to move the audience."

Sydney nodded at Zach's explanation, "You have a point there."

"Thank you for the compliment, Ms. Raines," Zach smiled and pushed his glasses upward. Then he hurriedly glanced at the rearview mirror to see Julien.

At the same time, Julien was looking at Zach in the mirror. Their eyes meet.

Zach asked with his eyes, 'Mr. Flint, how's my explanation?'

Julien gestured with his chin, 'Not bad.'

Zach sighed with relief, withdrew his gaze, and focused on driving.

Then Sydney suddenly asked, "What's the name of the movie?"

There was a wave of nostalgic movies in cinema lately, so most of the movies and TV shows dated back to the last century.

There were three movies about the last century in theaters this month, and Sydney was wondering which one Julien was going to take her to see.

Julien took the movie tickets out of his suit pocket and handed them to Sydney, "Here are the tickets."

"Let me see." Sydney took the tickets and looked at them. She read the name of the movie, "Butterfly. Oh, this one!"

"Have you seen this movie?" Julien showed a slightly surprised expression.

Sydney shook her head, "No. I've heard about it. It's a popular movie. A lot of employees in Skylight have talked about it. It is said to be a romantic story, very touching, so I'm also interested. But I've been too busy lately. I don't have time to go to the cinema. Thanks to you, I can watch it today.” She handed Julien his ticket and smiled at him.

Julien was relieved that Sydney hadn't seen the movie.

He was worried that if she had seen it, then bringing her to see a movie that she had seen would be too boring for her.

Zach breathed a sigh of relief, too. 'Great, Ms. Raines hasn't seen it before. If she'd seen the movie, Mr. Flint would ask me to find another good movie and buy the tickets again.'

"You keep the tickets." Julien slipped the tickets into Sydney's hand.


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