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Sir, Madam Dispeared Again After Divorce! novel Chapter 633

Thinking that Julien cared so much about her and bought snacks for her, Sydney decided to wait for him

She looked around and saw a rest area. So she walked over, sat down, and then stared at the snack shop while wiggling her legs.

Julien had already arrived at the snack shop at this moment. Probably due to his powerful aura, people who had already lined up took the initiative to make room for him.

Seeing this, Julien was a little surprised.

He had never been to public places in the past, so he didn't expect that people would make room for him as soon as he arrived.

Normally, he might have refused them and lined up behind them.

However, Sydney was still waiting for him now, so after nodding to express his thanks to those in line, he came to the front of the line.

Seeing such a tall and handsome man, who looked rich and powerful at first sight, the cashier instantly blushed and stammered, "Sir... Can I help you?"

'He is so handsome. It's my first time seeing such a handsome man in my life!

I thought such a man only existed in the novel. But I didn't expect that he would exist in reality.'

Julien didn't notice her movements but glanced at the menu in front of him and said faintly, "A glass of mango juice and a box of popcorn, please."

"Gosh." The cashier gasped.

'Oh, my god! Not only does he have a perfect appearance, but he also has a nice voice.

'He is the perfect prince charming.

'Those so-called prince charmings in the entertainment circle can't be compared to him.'

Seeing the cashier freeze, Julien frowned unhappily," Hmm?"

Hearing that he was dissatisfied, the cashier hurriedly came back to her senses and said, "Sorry, sir. I got lost in thought just now. A glass of mango juice and a box of popcorn, right? Please wait a minute."

Julien nodded. Remembering something, he added," How many snacks do you have? I'll buy all of them."

"Ah?" The cashier was dumbfounded, "Buy all of them?“

Julien nodded, "That's right. I'll pay for all the snacks. As long as the guests in the cinema come here, they can get what they want for free."

Saying that, he turned around to look at the people in line behind him, "Thank you for letting me cut in line."

After saying that, he turned back, took out a gold card from his wallet, and handed it to the cashier, "Here you are."

"Okay." The cashier took his card in a trance.

The people in line behind him were also in a trance.

They didn't expect that someone would treat them to snacks when they watched a movie tonight.

"Sir, here you are." The cashier handed the card to him with both hands.

Taking the card, Julien put it in his suit pocket, turned around with his snacks in his hand, and walked away.

The cashier and the people in line turned their heads to look at him.

The women's eyes were full of love, while the men's eyes were full of envy.

Every man wanted to be someone like him, who was rich, powerful, and handsome.

"Cutie." Suddenly, two girls stood in front of Julien with their coffee in their hands.

Seeing the handsome man in front of them, they blushed and got nervous.

After all, they had never struck up a conversation with such a handsome man in the past.

"Did you call me?" Julien frowned.

They nodded, "Yes, cutie."

Julien frowned even more.


What a strange word!'


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