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Sir, Madam Dispeared Again After Divorce! novel Chapter 634

These were the hottest cinema seats on the Internet, which were in the darkest and most remote corner of the screening room.

Couples liked this kind of position the most because no one would find out that they were doing intimate things here.

Sydney had never thought that Julien would let Zach buy tickets for such seats.

She thought, 'What is he up to?'

'Does he want to take advantage of me and do something with me during the movie as other couples do?'

The movie had not yet started, and the lights were still on in the screening room, so Julien could understand what Sydney's look meant.

He hurriedly shook his head. "It was not I but Zach who bought the tickets."

He was telling the truth this time.

These two seats were not chosen by him.

Julien had never been to a place like the cinema to watch a movie before, so he didn't know the seating arrangements of the cinema, so how could he have asked Zach to buy these two seats?

Zach chose the seats on purpose.

But Julien was quite satisfied with these two positions.

Except for the two of them, there was no one else in this row. He did not like to sit next to strangers. Only the two of them were sitting in this quiet corner.

The most important thing was that even if he and Sydney did something, no one would bother them.

As he thought about it, a glimmer of light quickly passed through Julien's eyes.

"Really?" Sydney narrowed her eyes while looking at the man.

Why was she so unconvinced?

Julien nodded slightly. "Yes, you can ask him when the movie is over later."

His expression was very serious.

Sydney rolled her eyes at him and bent to sit down." Forget it. Even if I ask, I can't tell if he lies. After all, he is your subordinate, so he will certainly help you."

"I didn't do that." Julien also sat down with an aggrieved look in his eyes.

Sydney put the juice on the armrest and handed him the popcorn. "All right. Would you like some popcorn?"

Julien looked down at the golden popcorn in front of him, smelling the cheap popcorn's fragrance. His brows couldn't help but wrinkle.

Honestly, this kind of smell made him have no appetite.

But she had handed it over and asked if he wanted to eat it, so he naturally had to say yes.

He was such a good husband, although she had not yet become his wife again.

Julien reached out, picked up a piece of popcorn, and put it in his mouth. The taste of saccharin instantly made him purse his thin lips.

He swallowed the popcorn in his mouth with difficulty and then saw Sydney grab a piece of popcorn and put it into her mouth as well.

"Eat less." Julien unscrewed the cap of the bottle and took two sips of water to wash down the sweet saccharin in his mouth.

Sydney looked at him. "Why?"

"It has too many additives. Don't eat too much. It's not good for your health. If you like popcorn, I'll ask the cook to make some good popcorn and bring it to you." Julien closed the water bottle and put it aside.

Sydney smiled. "I know, but we're out to play, so do not worry too much. I know how much I should eat, and I will not eat all of it. After all, I do not like these snacks much, but you bought them for me. If I do not eat some, it will be wasteful, right?"

"I just saw that everyone else had them, and I didn't want you to have nothing to eat, so I went to buy them. I didn't expect that it would taste so bad." Julien frowned in disgust.

"Food outside is like that. It's not expensive anyway. You can't expect it to be very delicious. It's okay to eat a little." Sydney picked up another piece of popcorn and put it into her mouth.

Julien wanted to stop her, but he didn't do that after seeing her happy look.

He thought, 'Just let her eat a little. I will watch her so that she can't eat all of it.'

Suddenly, the lights in the screening room dimmed, and images appeared on the screen opposite them.


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