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Still Wanna Escape After Stealing My Heart? novel Chapter 127

Even if they had been physically intimate.

Still, Sebastian could not ignore the child in Selene's belly. He would not let his child have a childhood and youth like his. For the child in Selene’s belly, he had to marry Selene.

Selene was shocked by Sebastian reprimanding her. She stuttered, "Then I-1 will leave now.”

"Go back and rest! Don’t come if I never asked you to! I will see you once I’m done with things here! As a mother, your first responsibility is to care for the child in your stomach!"

"I...I understand." Selene smiled wryly before she turned around to leave.

Next to him, Kingston immediately went to Sebastian. "Young Master, Miss Lynn's words...are they true?"

Kingston was not sure if Selene's words could be trusted.

However, he restrained from saying so.

Sebastian did not answer Kingston’s question, he was thinking about something else. The child in Selene's belly was Kenton's? 1

Kingston saw Sebastian was not saying anything, so h e asked, “Young Master, it’s better to believe in something that is false than to disbelieve something

that is true. Why don't I get rid of Kenton Horst?”

Sebastian shook his head. "No need to rush, we'll talk about it after the funeral."

Sebastian was not afraid of Kenton looking for trouble. On the other hand, if Kenton really dared to come, then he would never let Kenton leave.

Furthermore, he could also formally take away the other half of Kenton's assets.

That was why Sebastian was fine to wait for Kenton.


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