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Still Wanna Escape After Stealing My Heart? novel Chapter 128

In the rain, Sabrina was kneeling in front of Grace’s grave with a black umbrella over her head. In front of Grace’s grave was a bunch of yellow and white flowers. Tears flowed from Sabrina’s eyes as she told Grace, "I’m sorry Aunt Grace that I could not send you off during your funeral. I know you were constantly moving around in life, and that you were always suffering. However, now things are better for you. You get to be buried with your parents and sister. You don't have to be lonely anymore on the other side." 1

"Aunt Grace, I envy you. After my mother died, you were my last family, but now you gone as well."

Selene sobbed. 5

The sound of Selene’s crying was soft, and even Sebastian and Kingston did not hear it as they got closer. It was Sabrina who heard their footsteps first. She saw the cold and serious Sebastian, as well as Kingston, who had an unknown look on his face. 2

Kingston opened his mouth, looking like he wanted to say something to Sabrina, but he said nothing in the end.

Sabrina was in an awkward spot. She got up, fixing her hair that got drenched from the rain, and told Sebastian lightly, "I'm sorry, Mr Ford. I did not get your approval before coming to Aunt Grace’s grave. I don’t have any other intentions, I’m just here to give her

flowers. I...I'll take my leave.”

No matter how good her relationship with Aunt Grace was, Sebastian was still Aunt Grace's son.

Sabrina turned around to leave. She took a few steps then turned around and told Sebastian's back resolutely. "Mr Ford, since Aunt Grace has already passed away, let's get our divorce papers signed whenever you are free. The earlier the better."

"As for the money you promised me from our contract, I...I don’t want it anymore!”

'I don't want it anymore!'

Those words shocked Sebastian and Kingston.

The two of them turned around to look at Sabrina.

Sabrina's face remained cool. "You wouldn't believe m e no matter what I said before. You always thought I only got close to Aunt Grace because of you, so I could only admit it. Back then, I had disguised myself as an employee to attend the banquet at the Ford family, because Aunt Grace’s greatest wish was to be accepted into the Ford family. When she found out about the family banquet, she really wanted to attend i t, but she was bedridden, and could not be there. Even i f Aunt Grace was not bedridden, the master of the Ford family, Old Master Henry would not have allowed Aunt Grace inside. So, Aunt Grace asked me to bring a camera and take some photos for her. That was the real reason I went to the Ford family. However, I am a woman that just got out of prison. I have no job, and n o savings. I signed the contract with you to take care 0 f Aunt Grace the moment I got out. You only promised me the money after the contract was fulfilled, but I never had any money with me, which was why I asked for money."

"I asked you about our contract, not because I absolutely need that money, but because I have a child, and I will need money to raise my child. Mr Ford, I have explained everything I can to you, but I don’t need that money anymore. I just want to let you know that I did not take care of Aunt Grace for the money. I really saw Aunt Grace as family. I don't want t o taint my feelings for Aunt Grace with that money. As for how you treat me, that is up to you. I know you're extremely rich. If you want to kill me, it would be like killing an ant. If you really want my life, you can come at any time. I won't fight back, it would be nice to see my mother and Aunt Grace."

Sebastian was speechless. This time, he really was speechless.

She was someone who talked very little. He had only seen her talk so much twice. The first time was when he treated her well, and bought her clothes and the laptop. And now, at this moment.


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