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Still Wanna Escape After Stealing My Heart? novel Chapter 132

Selene looked at Sabrina arrogantly. "Tomorrow! I!

Will be engaged to Sebastian! Look at yourself! You are just a phoney who shamelessly stole my husband for two months! Were you humiliated in public by

Kenton? Good, you deserve that! I just hate that you actually injured that old fart, and even had Nigel to protect you!"

"Sabrina, you can’t harm my husband anymore, so did you decide to cause Young Master Nigel trouble instead?"

Even when faced with such provocation, Sabrina forced herself to calm down and smiled at Selene." Congratulations on your engagement tomorrow, as the adopted daughter of the Lynn family, I will definitely b e there tomorrow to show my support." 1

"How dare you!"

"If you don't leave right now, I swear that I'll do it! I’ve already been forced into a corner by all of you. There’s nothing I wouldn’t dare do!" Sabrina glared at Selene intensely. "Tomorrow, at your engagement banquet, I'll publically announce that the child in my belly is also Sebastian's. Then you'll know what it’s like to be humiliated!"

"You..." Selene pointed at Sabrina and shouted, "You really are shameless!"

"You’d better get lost now! If you don't, you'll surely see me there tomorrow." Sabrina looked at Selene without remorse.

Without delay, Selene turned around and ran out of the room.

Though the 2 months leading up to her engagement with Sebastian was full of worries and unwelcome surprises, it was still something she had very much been looking forward to. If anything, she definitely did not want it to be ruined by Sabrina. 1

In the aftermath of her confrontation with Selene, Sabrina sat alone in her small rented room feeling frustrated. Tears even flowed out of her as she clenched her teeth and slammed her fist on the pillow. In her anger, took out her phone and tapped Lincoln’s number.

Sabrina wanted to ask Lincoln what kind of grudge the Lynn family had against Sabrina. Their entire family had tried to hurt her over and over again, but just after she dialed the number, Sabrina hung up.

She did not want to provoke Sebastian, because she knew that it would only cause Nigel trouble.

After everything that happened, Sabrina just wanted t o stay by Nigel's side and live her life peacefully. 1


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