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Still Wanna Escape After Stealing My Heart? novel Chapter 133

Those who attended were all members of the upper echelons of South City.

Among them were figures such as those from the Ford family, like Sebastian’s aunt as well as Nigel. However, Sebastian's father and stepmother did not attend the ceremony as they were still overseas. Besides them, the Shaw and Smith families were present as well.

As they were all families with a lot of prior history, Sebastian was forced to invite them at Old Master Ford's vehement requests.

If it had been up to him, Sebastian would not have invited anyone.

In fact, he wouldn't even have held a banquet, because his marriage with Selene was something personal between the two of them.

Sebastian clearly knew that he was only marrying Selene because she had saved him once, as well as for the child in Selene's belly. 1

He did not love her at all.

He would even feel intensely frustrated whenever he looked at the woman. 1

However, to Selene, it was the greatest honor she had known.

After the engagement, the entire upper class of South

City would know of Selene's newly established social status, i

The Shaw family's treasured daughter, Mindy, would never even spare Selene a glance. The contrast in social status was so great that even if Selene were to polish Mindy's shoe, Mindy would have considered it filthy. Yet, in that moment, when Mindy saw Sebastian with his arm around Selene as they paid respect to the guests, Mindy felt a sense of terror creeping up her spine. 1

Before the engagement, Selene had constantly been stepped on by Mindy.

Mindy now deeply regretted it.

Mindy, trying her best to put on a fake smile, tried to cajole Selene. "Mrs Ford, we should eat and shop together in the future."

Selene said arrogantly, "We'll see!"


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