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Substitute Her to Love You novel Chapter 134

The airbag in the car came out. And Patrick, who was wrapped in the airbag, didn't move at all.

"Patrick Cowell!"

I was scared to death at that time. So I rushed over and opened the door of Patrick's car.

Patrick just sat straight there with his eyes closed. His body and the airbag were all covered with blood. I didn't know where the blood came from.

Seeing this, I felt that my heart had been pinched tight by a hand.

I was heartbroken for him.

And my heart ached so much!

But I dared not to move. I was afraid that if I moved, Patrick would be in trouble.

Fortunately, we were at the gate of the hospital. Several doctors pushed a mobile bed out.

At this time, Jeremy and Tracy both came over.

The situation of Caroline's car was more

serious than that of Patrick's car. The airbag in her car also came out. And blood was everywhere inside the car. The front of her car was severely deformed.

When Caroline was carried out, her face was obviously covered with blood. And it was clear that there was a large-sized wound on her forehead.

Seeing that Patrick was carried inside, I wanted to follow him into the room. But Jeremy stopped me.

He grabbed my arm tightly and stared at me fiercely, "Charlotte Archer, if anything happens to Caroline, you will be dead!"

"Mr. Jeremy, feel free to threaten me."

I rolled my eyes at Jeremy and continued walking inside.

Patrick and Caroline were both sent to the emergency room.

Soon, the lights in Patrick's emergency room went out. I quickly stood up and saw him being pushed out.

When I walked over, I saw that Patrick had opened his eyes slightly. And his left hand was fixed by a few boards.

When he saw me, he smiled and said, "It's not a big deal."

His words almost made me break down!

Last time, he said so as well when he, who protected me, was injured.

"Don't talk!" I said helplessly, "You're injured."

The doctor explained to me that Patrick's injury was not serious. However, his left arm, which was injured, had to be cast. And it would take him about three months to recover.

Jeremy also came over and asked, "How about my daughter?"

The doctor looked at Jeremy and said, "The other one is still in a coma after being injured. I'm not very clear about her details."

After that, he pushed Patrick away.

I didn't bother with Jeremy as I followed behind Patrick.

I, who was worried about Patrick, asked for leave from the company. Originally, I made an appointment with a client today to measure the construction site. But now I couldn't go there.

I apologized to the client and got scolded. By the time I hung up the phone and went back to Patrick's ward, his arm had been cast.

Because his head was slightly hit, the doctor suggested that he stay in the hospital for observation for a day.

I stayed with him in the hospital.

At noon, as I was about to go to the canteen to buy some food, Ned came over with his servants.

The servants immediately placed four dishes and one soup on the table.

Ned looked at me up and down and asked with some dissatisfaction, "Among the sisters, who is she?"

I introduced myself, "Grandpa Cowell, I'm Charlotte Archer."

Ned's expression didn't change at all when he heard my name. He just said to Patrick, "She and her sister is going to kill you. This time, even Rosy comes to convince me, I won't allow you to marry neither of them!"

"Grandpa." Patrick looked at Ned and frowned slightly, "If you do so, won't I have been injured for nothing? I managed to save her, pretending to be a hero. And I've moved her. How come you won't allow me to marry her now?"

"You can't marry her!" Ned's face was serious as he said, "Kelsi Clark is much better. Look, as you are entangled with the sisters outside, she doesn't say anything. Only such a woman like her is suitable to be the future hostess of the Cowell Family!"

Kelsi Clark.

It turned out that the woman was called Kelsi.


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