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Substitute Her to Love You novel Chapter 135

He said that he would take a shower.

Patrick's words were so revealing.

I looked at him suspiciously., "Don't tell me after you're already so badly injured, you are still thinking about that kind of matter?"

"No, I don't."

Patrick confined me in his arms and said with an innocent expression, "I just asked you to help me take a bath..."

"No." I was a little angry, "Why don't you wait for Caroline to wake up and ask her to help you take a bath?"

"Caroline Archer?" When I mentioned her, I saw that Patrick's eyes dimmed. Only then did he say, "Except for marrying her, I won't do anything else."

"Then why did you ask Wilson to care about her situation?"

I couldn't hold myself back anymore. And I had to say my opinion about this matter at this moment.

As soon as I said that, Patrick frowned slightly, "What?"

"Stop pretending. I know everything. When Grandpa Cowell came today, I went to see Caroline and happened to see Wilson there."

I rolled my eyes at Patrick.

I was angry in my heart. But now that he was by my side, which seemed to make me less angry than I had been before.

As expected, I was the one who was the most incompetent.

After hearing what I said, Patrick was silent for a moment as if he were thinking about something.

Seeing me look at him, he curled up the corner of his lips, "I didn't order him to do so. But people around me surely have taken all the things that I probably will ask them to do into their consideration."

I reluctantly accept this reason.

I went home with Patrick. When I opened the door, the servants at home saw me. After that, they all went back to the servants' room skillfully.

He and I were the only ones left in the empty room.

As Patrick walked inside, he unbuttoned his shirt. As he was halfway through it, he turned to look at me and said innocently, "Baby, I can't take off my clothes."

At that time, Patrick didn't look like a bossy president at all. Instead, he looked like a teenage boy who was waiting for his mother's help!

I rolled my eyes at him and said on purpose, "Take it off by yourself."

"I can't take it off." Patrick came over. Then he held me in his arms with his right hand and swayed his left hand in front of me.

I looked around. Patrick's left hand was cast. The sleeve of the shirt was rolled above the cast. If the button of the sleeve was unbuttoned, I probably could help him take off the shirt.

Looking at his pitiful look, for no reason, I wasn't angry.

I made him sit on the bed. Then I carefully helped him unbutton the shirt button on his left hand and then took off his clothes.

Originally, I thought it was very simple. After I unbuttoned the buttons, I began to take off his clothes.

"It hurts."

While I was taking off his clothes halfway, Patrick cried out in pain.

At first, I thought he was pretending. Then I pulled the clothes again, only to find that he looked a little pale and that beads of sweat seemed to surface on his forehead.

Only then did I realize that he didn't seem to be lying to me.

"It hurts..."

Patrick raised his head and looked at me.

His face was full of innocence and sincerity.

I looked down to check on him, only to find that although the cuff button had come out, the middle part of the sleeve was stuck in the plaster. And once I pulled his clothes, the plaster would be pulled as well.

I pulled his sleeves back and said with a frown, "I can only cut this shirt."

As I spoke, I went to look for scissors.

When I held the scissors and gesticulated with them, I saw Patrick sitting straight and stretching out his left hand. His handsome face, which had been overwhelmingly cold, now had a trace of grievance and tension.

He saw me holding a pair of scissors and gesticulating with them.

Finally, he couldn't help but say, "Be careful. Or your happiness for the rest of your life will be ruined." "Mine?" I curled up my lips into a smile and said on purpose, "If your part is ruined, I'll go to someone else. You'll only be the one who gets ruined... Ah!"


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