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Substitute Marriage With the Illegitimate Son novel Chapter 127

"Excuse me, you are driving in the wrong direction."

When Janet looked out of the window, she found that they were already in the wild. The place was uninhabited and was surrounded by an endless stretch of trees.

The car was winding across an unknown path.

Hannah knew her way home better than anyone else. She also realized they were traversing an unknown terrain.

"Ah, this is not the way to our home! Are you deliberately going in the wrong direction?" Hannah anxiously shouted.

Sensing something was wrong, Janet quickly grabbed the driver's seat. "Stop the car! We need to get out!"

The driver glanced at them through the rearview mirror. He was wearing a mask, leaving only his eyes visible. Before they knew it, he hit on the gas.

Janet and Hannah jerked backwards. Hannah had just undergone the surgery, so she weakly collapsed on the seat. Her lips turned pale in an instant.

The taxi moved in an unknown direction, circling along the winding mountain road.

"I told you to stop the car. If you don't, I'll call the police!" Janet took out her phone from her bag and quickly called the police. "Help! A taxi driver has abducted me. I don't know where I am. There is a maple forest in front of me."

"Ma'am, calm down, please. Do you remember the license plate's number? Could you be more specific about where you are and what's around you? Any clue would be helpful to us."

Janet couldn't tell where she was. She couldn't see the license plate number now and didn't pay attention to it when she got into the car.

"No. I don't know. I don't remember. I'm terrified! Please help me." Janet's voice trembled with fright.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. Any landmark or any distinct thing you can spot?"

"No, nothing. It's a desolate place surrounded by mountains and trees."


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