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Substitute Marriage With the Illegitimate Son novel Chapter 128

Janet thrashed around, struggling to escape. She tried biting his hand and kicked her legs. But she was no match to the driver. He was a strong man who effortlessly dragged her out of the car.

Hannah wanted to help Janet, but the driver kicked her. "You old bitch, get away from me!"

Then, he slammed the door shut and locked Hannah in the car.

"Hannah!" Janet screamed as a lone tear trickled down from the corner of her eye. When the driver closed the door, Janet quickly took the pen and stabbed it into his palm.

"Ouch! Damn it!" The driver groaned in pain. The man's face turned scarlet red and the blue veins on his forehead poped out. He quickly grabbed his wrist, and the blood trickled down from the tip of the pen.

Without looking back, Janet seized the opportunity to escape and ran into the forest.

The driver grew furious. He quickly took off his mask and pulled the pen from his palm. He sucked on his wound and spat out the blood. "Damn you, bitch!" he bellowed.

He grabbed the knife on his belt and chased after Janet.

Janet ran as fast as she could.

After running past the maple forest, she arrived at a green cornfield. The cornstalks towered above her, swaying with the wind. They were taller than an average man's weight.

Janet couldn't run anymore. She bent down and began gasping for breath.

All the running had exhausted her.

She turned around and found that the driver was still chasing after her.


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