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Substitute Marriage With the Illegitimate Son novel Chapter 131

Today Ethan was dressed in a formal, elegant suit. His black hair was combed to perfection, revealing his flawless face and accentuating his deep-set eyes that exuded a majestic aura every time he looked at others.

Unlike his usual slovenly self, Ethan looked mature and noble, as if he were a whole new person today.

Ethan stopped for a second, took off his doublebuttoned vest, and draped it on his arm. He ruffled his black hair, letting a few strands fall between his thick eyebrows. "I have to accompany my boss to receive an important client today," he said nonchalantly. "So I wore formal clothes. These are my friends. I asked them to help me when I received your call."

Ethan had a meeting with his foreign partners today, so he had dressed extra formally. But since he had come in a hurry to Janet's rescue, he didn't have the time to change.

Ethan's so-called 'friends' were all trembling with fear. They nodded and bowed respectfully before Janet.

"Hello! Nice to meet you!"

"Our buddy here always praises you. He thinks the world of you."

Everyone tried to play along. After all, it was a good opportunity to get a hike.

"Hello, everyone. Thank you for helping us. How about I treat you to dinner?" Janet's face turned red.

She felt awkward to meet Ethan's friends like this. After all, the slap mark was still visible on her face.

She stole a glance at Ethan, her eyes gleaming with admiration.

She didn't expect him to have so many friends and connections.

Ethan draped his arm around Janet's shoulder and smiled. "Well, that's enough. She is shy. You guys better drop Hannah back to her home first and then hire someone to take care of her."

"I don't think it's a good idea. It will cost a lot of money." Janet frowned, tugging at the corner of Ethan's shirt.

"Well, would you rest assured if Hannah stays in the countryside all by herself?" he asked, cocking his head to the side. "Besides, it won't cost much to hire a help to do household chores. Let's discuss this further after Hannah recovers."

Janet had no choice but to agree.

By the time they got home, it was getting dark.

Janet sat on the sofa, hugging her knees, as she watched the sun sink into the horizon. Her face was coated with ointment, and the swelling had alleviated a bit.

The sound of running water reverberated from the bathroom.

"I have run a bath for you. Go and take a bath first. It will make you feel better." Ethan walked out of the bathroom. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his strong forearms.


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