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Substitute Marriage With the Illegitimate Son novel Chapter 132

Janet was almost in tears, looking aggrieved and helpless.

Ethan couldn't leave her alone after looking at the pitiful sight of her.

"Are you sure you want me to stay? Well, you know I'm not a gentleman."

Ethan's Adam's apple bobbed, and his jaw tightened. He lifted her in his arms and pressed her against the cold wall.

Caught off guard, Janet yelped in shock. She didn't stand a chance to react.

Although he seemed gentle, the ferocity of his kiss reflected his desire. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, prying it open. Then, he massaged his tongue against hers, making Janet moan with pleasure.

"Hmm... Ethan, I... I can't breathe..." Janet moved her head back, trying to wriggle out of his grip. Her breathing faltered as a subtle blush painted her cheeks.

"Don't you want it?" Ethan asked, rubbing his nose against hers. His dark eyes dazzled with desire. He gulped and gently bit her chin. "If you are afraid, stop seducingme andbehaveyourself." Janet's face turned a shade pinker. However, she refused to let go of him. "My... My period is over..." Ethan's eyes widened with astonishment. He picked up the towel beside him and wrapped it around Janet's delicate body. His breathing came out in short pants. "No, this isn't right. You better have your bath. I'll wait outside."

He felt that Janet's fear had driven her to say something like that. Ethan didn't want to take advantage of her vulnerability.

Just as Ethan was about to leave, Janet leaned forward and hugged him from behind. The bath towel slipped to the floor.

"Please don't go..." She whimpered as tears filled her eyes.

Janet felt she had lost her mind. She had allowed her desire to cloud her reasoning and logic.

However, she wasn't acting upon her fear. The incident today only made her realize how much she liked Ethan and relied on him.

It was the first time Janet had initiated getting close with him.


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