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Substitute Marriage With the Illegitimate Son novel Chapter 133

Suddenly, the sound of a phone ringing interrupted them.

"Fuck!" With eyes as cold as ice, Ethan cursed in a low voice. He was just inches away from achieving his goal, but the phone call got in his way.

"Don't you want to answer that?" The ringing phone jolted Janet back to reality. She raised her head to peer at him curiously.

But instead of answering her right away, Ethan kissed her earlobe, sucking at it and nibbling it. His hand reached up to cup and squeeze her breast, and he said fiercely, "Not really."

Ever since he had moved in with Janet, he had become hot tempered.

Janet snorted and rolled her eyes.

After a while, the phone stopped ringing and the bathroom fell silent.

Ethan eagerly went back to kissing her lips passionately. He ordered in a hoarse voice, "Spread out your legs."

But before Janet could oblige, the phone rang again, echoing against the bathroom tiles. It kept ringing incessantly, without any signs of stopping.

It seemed that the person on the other end of the line was very anxious. There must've been something important he needed to talk about.

Ethan was so angry that he almost pushed Janet away. He stood up, got out of the bathtub, and picked up the phone.

"What is it? Spit it out!" Ethan barked into the receiver.

The man on the other end of the line was one of the subordinates he had ordered to investigate the whole kidnap thing. Ethan's furious voice sent shivers down his spine.

"Sir... Here... Here's the thing... After interrogating the driver, he confessed that it was Fiona Lind who paid him to rape Janet."

"I see."


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