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Summon of The Sword novel Chapter 1616

Sure enough, Lorenzo's crotch had become wet, and yellowish liquid ran down his pant leg, forming a puddle on the floor.

Everyone in the fondue restaurant burst into laughter. Mila and Lillian did not laugh, but the way the women looked at Lorenzo could no longer be described as disdainful or contemptuous.

If you insisted on a description, the way they looked at Lorenzo right now was like looking at trash.

Lorenzo's cheeks were red. He did not realize that Sean had scared him into peeing his pants.

How embarrassing!

Lorenzo even felt the urge to kill himself by bumping into the wall!

However, Lorenzo finally found a way to save himself—he took his phone out of his pocket and shouted, "You'd better not lay a hand on me. My father is Dorodo's biggest weapons dealer. My uncle is the chief sheriff at the sheriff's department. I could summon the sheriff's department to come over with one phone call!"

"Go ahead."

Sean said nonchalantly.

"Okay, you asked for it!"

Lorenzo said through gritted teeth and quickly dialed the phone.

"Hello, Uncle Zimmerman? It’s Lorenzo Wagner. Someone beat me up so badly. Hurry and save me..."

Only about ten minutes after the call, sirens blared outside the fondue restaurant.

More than a dozen deputies rushed into the fondue restaurant with arbalests in their hands, and their leader was Chief Sheriff Dwayne Zimmerman.

Dwayne was in his forties. He had a fierce gaze and a serious expression. He burst in murderously and shouted, "Everyone put your hands on your head and kneel down! Don't move!"

As soon as he said this, the onlookers in the fondue restaurant obediently knelt on the ground with their heads in their hands.

It was because Dwayne was well-known in Dorodo. As head of the sheriff's department, he was a formidable figure in Dorodo.


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