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Summon of The Sword novel Chapter 1617

It was a long time before Lorenzo finally snapped back to himself.

Then he pointed at Sean and yelled, "Uncle Zimmerman, why are you so nice to him? He beat me up. Hurry and arrest him. Take him to the sheriff's department and teach him a lesson..."

Before Lorenzo could finish speaking, Dwayne suddenly turned around and slapped him hard.


A sharp slap instantly rang through the fondue restaurant.

Everyone was startled. Even Mila and Lillian shuddered with shock.

Lorenzo fell to the ground from the slap and could not react for a while.

Dwayne's slap was hard. He did not hesitate with Lorenzo. His slap caused Lorenzo's nose to bleed. One side of his face was swollen as if he had a small bun in his mouth.

"Uncle Zimmerman, instead of arresting him, you slapped me!"

Lorenzo looked at Dwayne in shock and exclaimed aggrievedly.

"Yes, I slapped you. You animal! How dare you disrespect Mr. Lennon? Even a slap is a light punishment!"

Dwayne spat as he heavily chided Lorenzo.

Then Dwayne yanked Lorenzo off the ground and forced him to kneel in front of Sean.

Lorenzo was unwilling to kneel, but how could he overpower Dwayne?

As the chief sheriff of the sheriff's department, Dwayne was often on missions to arrest criminals. His long hours on duty and various training made his physical fitness comparable to that of a professional sports athlete. Even two Lorenzos were no match for him.

Even though Lorenzo was unwilling, Dwayne held him down, and he could not move.

"Hurry and apologize to Mr. Lennon! Quick!"

Dwayne urged, his hand gripping Lorenzo's shoulder harder, causing Lorenzo to look pained as his brows furrowed.


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