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Summon of The Sword novel Chapter 1622

Alfie pushed Ronald aside and shouted, "Commander Lennon, Raphael City built the stronghold giant crossbow and sold it to outsiders, so we only have to pay to get it. As the saying goes, any problem that can be solved with money won't be a problem. Wouldn't the stronghold giant crossbow double Dorodo's defense capabilities several times over once we get it? It's a rare opportunity, Commander Lennon. You don't want to miss it."

As Ronald was about to speak, Alfie added, "Mr. Townsend and I are Raphael City's stronghold giant crossbow's only agents in Dorodo. But I gotta say, Mr. Townsend's discount is definitely not as good as mine. The stronghold giant crossbow's normal selling price is 500,000 Union dollars, which is 750,000 Dragon dollars after conversion. Commander Lennon, I'm willing to give you a 10% discount if you want to purchase it!"

'10% off?

'Does he think this is some supermarket sale?'

However, Alfie had offered the discount, showing how much he wanted to beat Ronald by taking over the stronghold giant crossbow deal and forming a partnership with Dorodo's city defense army.

The stronghold giant crossbow costing 500,000 Union dollars was 450,000 Union dollars after a 10% discount. A one-time deduction of 50,000 Union dollars was a pretty good deal.

"Really? 10% off? Not bad!"

Sean clapped his hands, smiling even more.

Alfie nodded his head and said obsequiously, "Of course, weapons are not usually sold at a reduced price. It's not like regular goods after all. But for Commander Lennon's sake, I'm willing to make less money because I'm also contributing to Dorodo's defense!"

"Well said!"

Sean nodded approvingly and patted Alfie on the shoulder.

Ronald nearby was red with anger.

The stronghold giant crossbow was developed and built by Raphael City. It was sold for 400,000 dollars.

He could make 100,000 Dragon dollars on each stronghold giant crossbow sold for 500,000 dollars, but that was only gross profit.

Deducting shipping and labor costs, as well as the various costs needed to get through customs, he had only about 50,000 dollars profit remaining.

Alfie was selling at 10% off. If he was going to compete with Alfie, he was going to have to offer a 10% discount too. Otherwise, why would Sean buy with him?


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