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Summon of The Sword novel Chapter 1621

Lorenzo immediately shut up and lowered his head.

Waves were stirring up in Lorenzo's heart!

'So Sean is the commander-in-chief of Dorodo's city defense army!

'No wonder Dwayne was so cowardly after seeing him. He even slapped me several times!'

Lorenzo regretted it now.

Had he known that Sean was the commander-in-chief of Dorodo's city defense army, he would never have dared to make a scene at the fondue restaurant or even go after Sean. Besides that, he even called Chief Sheriff Dwayne of the sheriff's department to intimidate others.

"Hello again, Young Master Wagner."

Sean also saw Lorenzo and said with a smile.

Ronald and Alfie looked over at Lorenzo after hearing Sean's words.

Ronald instantly felt a thump in his heart. 'Did Sean know Lorenzo? Why else would he greet him at a time like this?'

Alfie turned to look at his son and asked, "What's going on? Do you know Commander Lennon?"

"No, we don't know each other."

Lorenzo shook his head.

Lorenzo's reaction made Ronald even more confused. He was increasingly puzzled by what was going on.

Sean got up from his chair and walked over to Alfie and Ronald. He looked at them with a faint smile.

"You're the top two Dorodo's weapons dealers. You two own 90% of Dorodo's weapons market. I'm honored that you came to meet me together."


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